In the Beginning...

Has it ever occurred to you that relationships these days have been misjudged. A lot of people have different views about it. Some say love doesn't exist, some say it does. If love doesn't exist, how do you describe the relationship between parents & child (or children); the relationship between the creator & the created; the relationship that exist between the couples who celebrate 30-yr anniversary, 40-yr anniversary...and so on?
And if love exists, how do you explain the situation of a broken-hearted lady in aro (Yaba), the situation of a son/daughter who doesn't feel a sense of belonging at home but instead find solace in marijuana, and so on?

Welcome to my blogspot. My name is Bukola Ajayi, I hail from Ekiti, a graduate of Linguistics from the University of Ilorin (2004). On this blog we'll be talking strictly about relationships and this will cut across not just one that exists between lovers (in marriage or before) but also one that exists between friends and family.

Join me in this quest as we give real life issues, practical problems, possible solutions and more. Pictures will be posted here as well. Your contributions will be highly recognised.

Thank you


  1. well, to me love still exist though few people practice it. the love of self has grown much more than the love for one another because of the environment we are,wrong motives,love of money and many dissappointments here and there.all thesame some still have geniue love, i'm a product of love and i'm looking forward raising another generation that will be full of love.

  2. To me, it's necessary we have relationships. We can't do without one another! No man can exist as a loner / Island!
    One thing stands as a fact! LOVE exists and in different forms too.

    We need it in all relationships that are of positive value. There are so many things that stand as pointers! One of them is trust! Relationships (valuing) cannot exist without it. Another is respect! We should respect one another and define all relationships well!
    I would like to define love from the point of view that stands to call it an emotion!

    LOVE is a strong feeling of intense attraction!
    Every relationship has a point of attraction! Something attracts one to the other. A father to a son, a mother to a daughter, a friend to another friend!
    The sentence "Does love exist" could only be asked because so much has infiltrated our world which were not there in times past.
    I would also consider cases!!
    A broken hearted lady could only have her heart broken because she had a strong emotional attachment to whoever or whatever it was that broke her heart.

    So many things stand as pointers to this fact.
    I for one won't over flog this!
    I just will simply put it that "LOVE exists but we find ourselves loving wrongly in all spheres of human existence"

    Loving is respecting ourselves. Loving is trusting ourselves.
    In the beginning it was made to be that way!
    It's important we note that success is achieved only when effort is made...
    Everything needs to be worked at and relationships aint exemptions.
    Existence makes more meaning if we relate well, love well...
    There's so much to it!
    We could find it in our own time too!!
    This is my take!

  3. Hmm. Thorough!

    Love does EXISTS.

    Thanks all for your contribution.


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