A Belated Tribute to Abimbola Odewale

How time flies! It's been three years now and the memory of YOU is still very fresh. Abimbola Odewale, Aka "Man of the house", "Prof", you left this world without a backward glance. You left leaving vacuums in the hearts of your loved ones. You left with all your skills, talents, knowledge, wisdom and more buried with you. You left with that angelic look gone. Your laughter, oh so sweet to the ears, gone.

I could remember the good old days in school. Right from 100 level, you were always hanging out with us (i.e. the girls - Arin, me, Bola, Busayo & co); hence you earned the title "Man of the house". And then when you were always quick to answer questions in the class and you were tagged "Prof".

And again, in our 400 level, we had the same supervisor (you and I). This gave me a little insight to who you really are - nice, sweet, kind, caring, patient, understanding you. You don't get annoyed easily and you're quick to forgive.

The one time you ever attended a party (like you told me, when we went for our supervisor's wedding), you were so happy, it was as if you knew you had to enjoy that day, for such opportunity would not come again for you. You danced like there was no tomorrow.

Your friend, Kayode Giwa, still mourns you. Your girlfriends - Arin, Bukola, Oyin, Bola, Jumoke, & co - will never forget you. Your coursemates have you in the hearts. Your family will live to remember you. Your memory lingers on.

How I wish there's life after death. But then we'll meet at his feet.

I remember you today because a friend brought up an issue on what genotype has to do with relationships or marriages. And I didn't have a choice but contributing using you as an example. And so because of you, I want to bring the issue up on my blog too.


Or better yet, is it adviceable for a carrier of sickle cell anaemia to marry another carrier?

Please, your views, opinions and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Feel free to contribute giving real life or practical examples.

This is for my friend and former coursemate, Abimbola Odewale, who passed on on April 27, 2005 of Sickle Cell Anaemia.

Adieu Great Friend.


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