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Ladies' Affairs

By Bunmi Diya A lady is a woman that is of good manners, highly matured in conducts and of course with a refined disposition. According to the Oxford dictionary, it defines “…a lady as a word used to mean WOMAN that some people especially older people consider as more polite”. It also defines a lady as “a woman who is polite and well-educated, has excellent manners and always behave well”.Contrary to the definition, it is sad to understand that someladies don’t even have the grace to be women. They are too loud and ill-mannered to be reckoned with. Some ladies’ mode of dressing, eating, sitting, talking and even laughing is so poor and makes one feel disappointed. We should always remember that we are what we portray ourselves to be. We should show more refinement than an ordinary woman on the street.
StyleA lady needs to carry herself with dignity. She needs to be wise and sharp. She should be bold and confident. She should try and lead a peaceful life. We need to be level-headed and …

This is Love!

Okkk, before you criticise me or say 'What's Bukola up to now?', I'd love it if you could take your time to read this. If you cannot read it in a cafe (because of the cost it will incur) or during working hours so as not to look too unprofessional while at work, please copy it in a flash and read it at your leisure (at home, in the night, maybe?).

This is about the longest article I've ever uploaded. Well, I couldn't edit it because I found all the information in it valuable...and it was sent to my mail on Saturday, so I am not the original author. But the article struck a cord in me, and I'm sure it will in you too.

I am neither a doctor nor a psychologist, but I believe there are people out there who NEEDs to KNOW; people that your comments will go a long way in helping them to make decisions the dread making….
I need your comments or views after you must have read it...please. Thanks. Please read on.