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Do I have to Stop?

Life is not fair at times. Day-by-day, there’s one challenge or the other to deal with. We’ve been wounded and we have caused pains for others; had to go through pains or hurts, comfort others, and even wonder why we had to go through the pains we go through. But I ask, do we have to stop laughing?
The past few weeks have been rather eventful; there was the January fuel subsidy removal, hike in prices of items and fares, subsidy-driven industrial action or strike, non-salary payment, and so on. But do we have to stop spending? There have been issues of boko haram, bomb blasts, accidents, kidnappings, killings, rituals and many of such; but do we have to stop being adventurous or stop travelling?
Many of us have wanted some things so badly – indeed, they are things that we rightfully ought to have or own. We even give ourselves time frame, and say to ourselves that if we don’t get such things by the stipulated time, then that means life is just so unfair to us. However, do we have to stop…