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A Bleeding Heart

On a sunny day, the other dayI met a friend, our friendWho was sure, arrogantly sureThat you are in my house, our housePreparing that wonderful meal, our mealEven this never beFriends do tell meYou have now a good man, a good lifeAnd here on my bedI recall still every word you saidWords with memories, memories of joyBut every time I tried to let go of youThe more I think of youEvery time I tried to move onThe difficult it becomes
So I ask,Could you be meant for meCould I be blind to see itCould we be sure of nothing in commonWhat if we were wrong about everythingCan we change anything
Again I ask,Could that be my baby you are feedingCould that be my clothes you are wearingCould that be my home you come to everydayWhat if we’ve taken the wrong wayCan we go back the right way
Where are the answersIn whose heart are the answers lurking
PS: God has a divine arrangement that often bring us to our "missing ribs." the simplicity of the process, procrastination and the fear of making c…

Re:[Relationships] Should I Take the Risk?

Well, I sincerely didn't think I'd get a response, not to talk of getting someone approve what I wrote about taking some relationship risks. However, I did get this touching and inspiring story (or comment) and I have decided to share (with the person's approval) although the person pleaded anonymity. Please read on. I'm sure it will touch you as it touched me.

Bukola, I am proud of you.Has it ever crossed your mind that this might just be what God is calling you to.You have a unique way of writing that sinks well with a Niger mind.Keep it up girlfriend.Oh and that of Ruth………….lol. well sometimes we(ladies) have to take risk however stylishly but not deceitfully.When a guy hangs around you too long without saying anything, there is no harm in asking him what he wants.Some times we sisters have to be bold (culture and religion not withstanding)Before my Husband finally wooed me h…