The Farmer Wants a Wife

After hearing word that the Australian reality TV show (via DSTV) The Farmer Wants a Wife was must-see dating television, I decided to take a peek recently. I was quickly hooked: a couple of hours later I'd already managed to watch all six episodes. I found the show was not only surprising in its humanity, but also in how meeting someone, dating relationships and the issues they pose are similar no matter where you live.

The premise of The Farmer Wants a Wife is simple: six single, full-time farmers are looking for long term relationships via the show. Women were invited to apply for the show via the Australian website, and of those who put themselves up for grabs, the farmers chose ten to meet in person. An hour or so later and a bunch of speed dates under their belt, the men are asked to whittle the list down to five each. After a group date the numbers are further reduced to two, and these women are invited back to the individual Romeos' farms for a 10-day farming "vacation".

Almost immediately upon arriving, chemistry and attraction come into play. One couple in particular fell head over heels in love almost instantly, and instead of creating a tear-filled and drama-laden show, the obviously third-wheel women quietly leave the farms early, wishing the lovebirds farewell and many good intentions. Not only were the women who chose to leave a breath of fresh air, but I found them to be excellent, upstanding role models for women around the world. Either there was a connection or there wasn't, and those who felt the special spark had no issue going with their hearts, and those who didn't were cheerful if sad upon leaving. If The Farmer Wants a Wife intention was to honour courtship at its core through an entertaining and very public television show, the original Australian version definitely succeeded.

The show was also realistic, and not everyone fell hard or was treated kindly. One gent in particular rubbed me the wrong way from the get-go; he seemed disingenuous to me, and I felt badly for the women he chose. Not surprisingly, this guy created more drama than all of the other participants combined by dropping bomb after bomb throughout all six episodes, leaving several women hurt and confused as to why he'd even come on the show in the first place.

Series Two of the Australian series is already in the works.

Have you watched either version of The Farmer Wants a Wife? What did you think?

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