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The Best Husband

Recently, I came across (again) the following verses of the Holy book and I was overwhelmed by its genuineness and command.
It reads: (How happy) Blessed is (the man) that fears (knows, respects, honours, serves) the LORD; that walks (listens to and obeys him) in His ways. For (he) shall eat the labour of (his) hands (be prosperous): happy (joyful, fulfilled) shall (he) be, it shall be well with (him). His wife shall be as a fruitful vine (spiritually, intellectually, biologically, physically, materially, financially, 'wisely', career-wise) by the sides of his house (giving moral, spiritual, intellectual, etc support to her husband): his children like olive plants (fulfilled, blessed and the best amongst equals) round about his table (he'll see them and see his grand/great children) - (Psalm 128: 1 -3).

This, I believe, is something all men (married or about to) should hold on to. A man who wants to be blessed and happy; who wants God to bless the work of his hands and ris…