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Things That Irritate Me

I get easily irritated at times, and funny the things that irritate me could be classed as trivial - that is, minor. The truth is, once I let them out you might view me as 'duh, why should those irritate you?' but they do anyway. It just goes to show that I'm a unique being *wink wink*. Some months back I sat in a public bus on my way home, then I heard a guy, who sat behind me, make some sound with his mouth - teeth and tongue. The kind some people make when they are trying to remove a left over food or dirt from their teeth. The bad thing is, he didn't stop once, he made the sound till he alighted from the bus. Kai, I was pissed!

Still in the same bus, someone was listening to a sport commentary on his phone. He put the phone on speaker and on the highest volume, as if the rest of us were interested in the boring tale. I wonder how he forgot that earphones are made for moments such as those.... How I almost shouted at him. The odd thing was that he hissed at the com…

A True Test of Love

What is that one thing You Would Sacrifice for Love?
What is that one thing you'd give up for love? Have you ever asked yourself this question? I have asked myself times without number, but the truth is I really couldn't answer that big question. For me, it's a true test of love; for me I think the meaning of love is hidden in that question.

The great book recorded that God's love goes beyond words; His love was expressed - backed up by action 'For God so love the world that He gave (sacrificed, gave up) His only begotten son...' He didn't give goat, neither did he give a cow; He gave a costly gift - the kind of gift that money cannot buy. He gave a part of Himself; He gave His confidant, friend, son and colleague (if I must say). It's costly. No wonder He couldn't stand to watch Him while He (the Son) went through the agony and pain. For me, that's real love.
Sometime last year, a popular radio station in Lagos aired a call-in talk show and the…