Tips: Dating with a Difference

When you're on the dating scene, you want to stand out from the crowd. So don't settle for the same old first-date ideas: a drink at the bar, or dinner if you're feeling adventurous. Here are some sparky dating ideas he'll never forget.

>> Have a Date on Grass

You're too late for seats at Silverbird Cinema, but this is the next best thing! Snuggle up in the plush 100-seat theatre at a planetarium. Follow the show with a night-time star-gazing picnic on the gorgeous lawn or grassy area, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

>> Cook up a Curry to Die For

What man doesn't love a curry? Tell your date to ditch his takeaway menus, and treat him to a day of mouth-watering curry soup. It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through is belly.

>> Re-enact Ghost

Forget making dinner for your date, make plates instead, Ghost-style. Explore your inner Demi Moore (See: The Ghost) and get your hands filthy at the potter's wheel. You'll end up with some lovely crockery, which may cheer you up if your date doesn't quite reach Swayze standards. (We no dey practice that one for Naija).

>> Fly Through the Air

There's nothing like a day at the big top, especially if you're the entertainment. At Circus Space's skills day you can also try stilt walking, diabolo, tightrope-walking and 'acrobatic balancing'. Could do wonders for your sex life! Hmmm!

>> Down on the Cockney Farm

Leave behind the bright lights and noisy pubs for an organic date at a secluded Farm. Rub shoulders with pigs, cows, sheep, horses, goats and even llamas, or have a go at horse riding. This is crazy!!!

>> Feast on Wine and Chocolate

From the ridiculous to the sublime. Ever tried having your chocolate with wine? It’s a yummy experience. ARIN, TAKE NOTE

>> Be a Rollergirl

Pull on your dancin' boots for a nice night at Motherlan in Opebi. Falling over is all part of the fun, especially if you pull your date over with you. This is serious!

>> Get lost in a giant maze

Ravish (or lose) your date in the vast hedge maze, work up an appetite in the giant Snakes and Ladders game or get the blood flowing on the mountain climb. This sounds romantic…

Shaken or Stirred?

Mix it up with a day-long cocktail masterclass with the experts. You'll get to make and try the full range of contemporary concoctions, including the Martini, Mojito (???) and Cosmopolitan, and you can experiment with your own creations. Best invite him back for a sobering coffee afterwards. (Maybe Arin would know about this)

**Some these things are weird o… Be careful if trying any


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