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Endurance Trek or Enjoyable Ride?

One thrilling event in life is the wedding ceremony, because that’s the one you get to plan and handle yourself. It’s often filled with the ohs, ahs, and wow moments. It’s an event of colour, emotions, dreams, and it comes with such unforgettable memories. Whether it lasts or not.But what happens after then? Then comes the moment of reality! This moment thrills the most; it’s when it dawns on you that there is no other soul around except the two of you – as Will Smith sang, ‘Just the Two of Us’. Hmmm. This moment is deeper than the colour-defined weddings or the ohs and ahs. From the first night, it’s just the two of you, in your own world, embracing your lives whether good or bad; sweet or bitter; pleasant or not. And oh, it’s a journey of possibly no return (except in the case of death which we usually do not pray for). Even if you get divorced, it’ll still leave a mark; a mark that you were once married to a particular person – so it’s a journey of no return to being single, becaus…

What's The Colour of My Date?

I felt alienated when I shared a lift with 2 white kids at Atlantis Hotel in Palm Jumeira, Dubai recently. The kids almost collapsed in the lift just because I'm black...such poor understanding. But I see a lot of them on regular basis these days- at events, at my office - and they're not afraid to relate with me nor do they treat me as an alien. Oh, you'd say, it's because they're in my country. Well, maybe, but there are a few good ones who do not even care whether you're black or white. They'd love you all the same.

My status on Facebook read 'What is wrong with being black?' and I received some comments - ones that I agree with and ones that I do not totally support. There's something we call convention in Linguistics, and it simply means that there is nothing in a name that makes what the name represent what it is. Big, huh? Let me disambiguate. There is nothing in a football, for example, that makes it a football or that make us give it the…