Re: In The Beginning

Here's what Sola Omosebi has to contribute on this post.

Mario Wrote:

"To me, it's necessary we have relationships. We can't do without one another! No man can exist as a loner / Island!
One thing stands as a fact! LOVE exists and in different forms too.

We need it in all relationships that are of positive value. There are so many things that stand as pointers! One of them is trust! Relationships (valuing) cannot exist without it. Another is respect! We should respect one another and define all relationships well!
I would like to define love from the point of view that stands to call it an emotion!

LOVE is a strong feeling of intense attraction!
Every relationship has a point of attraction! Something attracts one to the other. A father to a son, a mother to a daughter, a friend to another friend!
The sentence "Does love exist" could only be asked because so much has infiltrated our world which were not there in times past.
I would also consider cases!!
A broken hearted lady could only have her heart broken because she had a strong emotional attachment to whoever or whatever it was that broke her heart.

So many things stand as pointers to this fact.
I for one won't over flog this!
I just will simply put it that "LOVE exists but we find ourselves loving wrongly in all spheres of human existence"

Loving is respecting ourselves. Loving is trusting ourselves.
In the beginning it was made to be that way!
It's important we note that success is achieved only when effort is made...
Everything needs to be worked at and relationships aint exemptions.
Existence makes more meaning if we relate well, love well...
There's so much to it!
We could find it in our own time too!!
This is my take!"

Sola please tell them! You never said you have this kind of epistle locked up somewhere. Hmm hmm. Thanks bro for your piece. You make **people like us* want to fall in love.

Comments are still welcomed. Ladies where are you?
Arin, I'm expecting your contribution o.

** Arin is an expert on relationships, she once had a public chat on the topic in skype and she is my sweet sweet friend. Some have actually questioned our friendship. But ETI BE JO. Ko le ye yin!!!


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