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Two Cultures, One Marriage, No Big Deal

David Folowo is a Nigerian, married to an Irish woman, and together they have a son. But being married to a white woman, living in a white man's land, or learning the Irish culture will not make David forget his culture so easily. He loves the Nigerian way of life and would not hesitate to teach his wife how to be a Nigerian. No wonder David had his son backed as a way of teaching the wife how it's done in his part of the world (see picture). Now, that is a real man!

                                       David and Dara
                                                         (Picture source: David Folowo)

Not many people (male and female) in interracial marriage are like David. They're either ashamed of their culture or their language isn't funky enough for learning. And as you've guessed, it will be stressful to put their other half through culinary lessons. Their dishes are either boring or impossible.
In my opinion, there should be a proper balance of the different…

Get Real, Get Naked!


Hahahaha, I got you there. This isn't what you're thinking at all. C'mon, I still have my dig....'witty' :D. But hey, before you hit the close button, read this...

How often do you have a heart to heart, real talk with your partner? When you're offended by your partner's action, do you bottle it up till you die of cancer or heart attack; do you tell it to someone who in turn tells it to someone who tells it to another someone till you become an object of ridicule; or do you genuinely discuss it with your partner without being judgmental? It's up to you to answer the questions.
We've all heard the saying that communication goes a long way in building relationships. But it doesn't hurt to emphasise and re-emphasise it.  Again I'll say communicate, communicate, and communicate with your partner. Don't just get naked on the bed, get naked while sitting together holding hands, with your heart and words. Talk, cry, let it…