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When Is It Too Early To Change Your Facebook Relationship Status?

Written by Debby HerbenickYou go out, you like each other, then you blow it by attempting to change your relationship status too soon. A resident love doctor explains how soon is too soon, and what other freaky behavior might ruin your good thing.One week is way too soon to add the "in a relationship with" phrase that is simultaneously coveted and feared by Facebook users everywhere. So is one month unless you're already uber-committed in some love story kind of way. But that doesn't mean you have to play it so cool that you look like you're out on the Facebook prowl while spending your nights on date after date (or video chat after video chat).
If you find someone you can't resist, why not remove your "single" status? Or remove the Interested in men/women/men&women listing so that it doesn't appear to others that you're interested and available. And definitely switch out "what you're looking for" away from "random play…

'MONEY-TO' Valentine?

When I was in the secondary school, we had a name for Valentine's day and it was 'Money-to, Money-to'. Only God knows how the name came to be or what triggered it. All I know is that whenever Valentine's day approached, we were quick to find a 'Money-to' partner or a Val partner, whom we will exchange gifts with on the day (despite being a girls only school).

It was, however, fun for us back then as we looked forward to who our Vals will be (because names were written in papers and folded for us to pick) and we looked for what our 'mysterious' gifts will be like. But that was it. The gifts! No attachments, feelings or any extras. And bingo! Val was over and it's also over between you and your mysterious Val partner.

But hey, come to think of it. If our Val's day in school was tagged 'Money-to', anybody could infer that money is somehow attached to the day and the day somehow attached to money (you know, for us back then). To us, Val's …