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Re: Is Marriage Really Scary? An SOS Call

I wrote this article ( 2 days ago and promised to publish noteworthy comments I get from it so that 1 or 2 couples, presently going through marital hitches, can learn and probably prayerfully work on them. Well, here they are. I kind of highlighted some key points made, and I’m still waiting for more experienced couples to contribute…Help save a marriage. Excerpt:
True Friend said: “Men will always have attitudes that irritate women. Do most of them ever listen? There will always be a loophole where a guy is lacking to his woman.One of my aunties went through a serious one. In her case, she wanted to leave her marriage because the guy has this nonchalant attitude towards things. He had no job then, she was trying to get the kids to a decent private school, use all her money to feed, maintain, and support her home. She had no savings. She later found out that when the guy gets little money from some business…

Is Marriage Really Scary? An SOS Call

This thought has been on my mind for so long. Sure, it’s no news; people talk about it; I’ve seen some myself, so the talk about failed or failing marriages is not so new. What’s new to me however, is the fact that marriages that are just 2, 3 months are failing. It just so sad; and the truth? It scares me, really.
Someone shared with me a sad story recently, about a couple who got married barely 3 months ago and are on verge of breaking up. According to the story, they are having serious issues that the wife threatened to poison the husband if the marriage isn’t dissolved. Though, I didn’t hear the end of the story; but I hope and pray they won’t separate. I find it hard to believe that people who once professed love to themselves suddenly come to hate themselves…. Hmmm, thin line it is indeed between hate and love. It then makes me wonder…if those that dated for so long – 2, 3, 5, even 10 years – could have problems; what do we make of those that dated for months – 3, 6, 9 months; tho…