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Home NOT Home

I am not going to do any story on Koko Mansion or the latest prada... You can get all those from Linda Ikeji or Bella Naija.

I'm kinda concerned about something that concerns you and I. Call me old fashion, whatever. If someone takes time to reflect on this, he or she may probably see reasons, except of course if the person has lost flair for life.

What's bothering me is the issue of marriages - most especially the home front. It bothers me that the people who could not wait to start living together before marriage now find pleasure in their jobs more than in their spouses.

Imagine a typical scenario of a doctor 'wife' and a banker 'husband'. The wife is probably on call the only Saturday that the husband has to be at home. And the husband is just getting home at 11pm when the wife is about to go for her night duty.... Impossible, you say!

How about both of them being bankers? They both get home tired and fagged at 11:00pm; probably had dinner at a close by fast fo…