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Staying Together...

Found this pics on the net, it intrigued me and I thought I should share it with y'all.

Lowly – Without Pretensions

I want to deviate a bit from my usually and favourite subject - relationships, and write about an entirely different issue that has been bothering my mind since I stepped into my office and the issue was raised one morning.

Who am I? Why do I feel I’m better than someone else? What’s giving me the self-esteem that I show forth? Why don’t I see the need to hold others in high regards? Why don’t I want to submit? As a woman, I don’t see my self lower than a man. We are equals – help mate; are we not?
These questions and more came into my mind when I was reading a copy of Genevieve magazine in my office and a colleague saw the particular article and commented on it.
In the article, a woman, Mrs. Bola Adesola, was featured as one of the front runners in the business sector in Nigeria – in particular, the banking industry. My colleague, seeing what I was reading and who I was reading about, passed a comment on the subject. His words: “I know this woman very well. She’s a client’s wife and sh…