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Marriage Proposal: Just How Creative Can You Be?

Love is such a beautiful thing! Yeah we know that. But it is hot when the people involved act ‘crazy’; do the unusual; go extra miles to prove their love.
Ok so, you, a guy, have found the girl that makes your world spin. And then you go: ‘I’d love her to be the mother of my kids’; ‘I’d love to spend forever with her’; ‘She means the world to me’; ‘She’s my heartbeat’; ‘I just can’t imagine life without her’; ‘Teminikan’; ‘oloomi’; ‘sweetie mi’; ‘ewa mi’; ‘ife mi’; ‘onyekemu-o’...blah blah blah...

And you’re like, I’ll propose to her on her birthday; in front her family members or yours; I’ll take her to this cosy restaurant, liaise with the chef and ask her to bake this beautiful cake with an engagement ring inserted in the cake; I’ll take her on a boat cruise and ask her to marry me otherwise I’ll push her into the ocean (lol...please don’t try that guys); and so we can go on and on and on. But just how creative are you when it comes to Marriage Proposal?
A Big Deal? Yes Well, some might…