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I’m Tired of Waiting …

Are you single and seriously searching? You’ve fasted, prayed, searched, and waited – now you’re frustrated because no suitor is coming. Almost all your mates, friends, colleagues and family members your mates or younger are married. People, including relatives, keep asking you when your turn is. They console you with words such as ‘it is your turn next’; ‘On your own day, the whole world will know my sister is getting married’; ‘Your time is coming soon’; etc.

Don’t be frustrated; God has not forgotten you. I repeat, God has not forgotten you! For the lady, your husband is still in a ‘deep sleep’ (Genesis 2:21) so that he can finish the work on you; and he’ll wake up soon to see the bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh; for the man, your wife is going through some process of purification and refining (Esther 2:9; 12-14). And by the time your partner will be unveiled, you’ll be glad you waited. Read this Excerpt from The Word for Today (Bob Gass).
What if you're single, looking …

Wife Beating: Ill-treatment or Discipline?

Since October began, it's been one wedding ceremony to the other; first it was Tayo and Kunle (my platoon members and fellowship members in Imo (NYSC)); then it was Desola and Emmanuel (one of them is my church member). I pray God will bless and keep both unions.

Now to the question of the day: Is wife beating right or wrong? I want y'all to be the judge. Is it acceptable to beat ones wife no matter what she has done? Is it an act of discipline or an act of ridicule?
Throughout history unlucky women have been subjected to the whims and brutality of their husbands. The colloquial phrase "rule of thumb" is supposedly derived from the ancient right of a husband to discipline his wife with a rod "no thicker than his thumb." Some religion even permit it - while browsing through the internet, I found many articles on how to beat your wife (; and …