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The Gifting Moment

Now now, I really didn't want to write about Valentine's day as there seem to be 'semantics' problem. But then, I thought, when you're in Rome, you behave like Romans.Happy Val's day in advance.

Where's it going to be?
In your room sharing wonderful old times memories or out eating late in a beach front restaurant with a corner reserved for just you 2? Try It could even be @ the cinema - want to see a few romantic movies at the Galleria? Hmm. Sounds romantic....
Wherever it is, place safe. Just talk, and laugh, and laugh some more. You'll treasure the moment for the rest of your lives.

What's it going to be?
Cakes? Cream? French rice? Italian sauce? Hmm, yummy. Please, please eat healthy - then you won't have to spend thousands of money after Valentine's day is over.

How did you know I need this?
Ha! Got you. It's, hmm, the latest wedge worn in town. No no, it's D&G bag. Oh, it's t…

Valentine's Spam Heats Up

> Crooks falling in love all over again

> Security experts are warning of a rising number of Valentine's Day spam messages and virus attacks.
Virus security experts have issued advisories to users after a number of malicious spam messages were found to be using Valentine's Day themes as a lure.
Experts said they had received reports of spam messages which contained links to malicious websites. The sites attempted to download an executable onto the user's system under the names'youandme.exe' or 'onlyyou.exe'.
They are advising users to avoid dangerous spam with basic security practices such as avoiding unsolicited links and keeping all system and security software updated.
Meanwhile, researchers at Symantec( have already compiled a list of the most popular Valentine's Day spam headlines. According to researcher Dylan Morss, the list has thus far been dominated by male enhancement products and the lure of free shopping sprees.
Among the m…