5 Days to Go

Hmm...5 more days to go! I'll be a year older on 18th, May. Can you imagine?

A lot has happened in the last 20 something years. Some relationships have been broken, some have been mended, some stayed without hiccups and many just died down without cause. Well, all glory to God.

If it had not been the Lord that was and is on my side, where would I have been today? It's been God and it will always be him.

The journey so far...I have loving parents and wonderful siblings (you know I wrote in my profile that they are many..very many). They've been great. They see me as valuable, indispensable and more. My friends, beautiful friend have I. I don't know why, but God has been blessing me with good friends...Friends you will see in need and friends that are indeed friends. They've always been there. They stick closer than brothers or sisters. I LOVE YOU ALL

For all the challenges so far, for all the trying times, for the happy moments, for the answered prayers, for the miracles, for the blessings, for the times that I feel forsaken, for the times I feel cheated, for all disappointments,for good news, for testimonies, for lowly times, for times of lifting...God has always been God. For all I've gone through, he remains God in my life. Inspite of all, I still have great relationships...wonderful people around me (friends, family, old school friends, colleagues, neighbours, etc). People you'll see and relax, smile and more. People that make you feel important. People that encourage me and are encouragements themselves. People that look through me and know instantly when things are upside down. People that carry my burdens as if it's just theirs. Thank you all for being part of my world and story.

I could remember the good old days in school (Unilorin). We see ourselves as family members not as school or course mates. Good friends are hard to come by, but I'm very favoured to find them all around me. When I was in secondary school (Queens' School, Ibadan), the story was also the same. And when I went to serve (IMO), the experience was also beautiful and today my relationships are not on verge of breaking, they're waxing strong and strong and strong and strong.

I have new friends now (skype & yahoo friends!) they've also been sweet (hope they stay that way).

I want to mention 2 unbiological sisters that I have. Arinola Tejumade Wuraola and Temitayo Yewande Ponmile. I love you too too much. You've been like the sisters I never had. I'll continue to love u guys (even our marriages cannot put asunder).

My biological siblings, Oluwagbenga Adewale, Oluwashola Ademola, Morenike Wuraola, Eniola Olamide and Olawunmi Aina, love you loads. Thanks for being part of the Ajayis' story.
You're the best. I love you more than words could describe. You inspire me.

Mama and Papa. Love you, love you, love you real good. Thanks for bringing me into the world.

Most high Father, thanks for being my all. Love you real!


  1. Soar bravely toward your goal.
    Let nothing darken the way.
    You can change your tomorrow,
    if you seek your dream today." I feared people's opinions
    until I learned that
    people would have opinions
    about me anyway".Bukola,you are a good writter keep it up.There is a yoruba saying"Eniyan Boni Lara Ju Asolo".Happy Birthday in advance

  2. Thanks you Femi. I appreciate your contribution.

    But I thought you said you'd prefer to contribute to the article - Thank God it's Friday - where I talked about men being dangerous?

    Well, your contribution will be highly appreciated there.

    Thanks again.


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