Love: Deep, Passionate, Hurtful & Unconditional

Hi all, quite some time now. I've been so so busy, I could not write because of my job. Anyway, I'm back for a while.

How are you all doing? Missed your comments.

I don't really have something gen gen to write today other than to tell you this:

Love deeply and passionately, you might get hurt, but it's the best way to live to the fullest!

The first time I came across this saying, I had a deep meditation. I'm being asked to "love deeply"; "love passionately" even if I get hurt, I should still love...Then I asked my self, is it possible to love someone you know is cheating on you? Can I do it? Though, I've never been jilted before, but if it happens (God forbid), will I still be able to look into the person's eyes and still say "I LOVE YOU"? Hmmm.

You know I keep thinking, what does it mean to love unconditionally? It means (simply) to love without conditions; without "if's", "in cases", "peradventures", "shoulds", etc. It means you should not say "if he or she cheats on me, I'll stop loving him or her"; It means even if he or she becomes handicapped tomorrow, you should not cease in loving them; It means even if your spouse, partner or boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on you, you should still love them! It means even if you find some unbecoming acts (lies, hatred, lousiness, exaggerations, insultive, laziness, stinginess, bad eating habit, drunkenness, flirtations, etc) in them, you should still love them. You can't even lay hold on what you see in them that make you love them so much despite 'what they are' or 'what you think they are'.

Then it dawned on me that those little 'buts' are what hurts us. If your spouse is cheating on you, it's a but in him or her, it's what hurts you and it's what makes you want to reconsider or think twice or ask yourself why you're still loving him or her. If he or she has an unbecoming character, it's a but in them and it's what hurts you...The question now is, how do you still love people like that deeply and passionately, with all the hurts they give you and pain they cause you? The answer is LOVE should be UNCONDITIONAL! Without conditions. Even if I'm hurt, I'll still love him or her...It's not easy, but note this, we offend our maker much more than we can imagine, yet he never ceases to give us rain, keep us alive and so on. This is LOVE!

Finally, it takes two to tango. Two or more people (in case of family) are involved in a relationship. If you can hurt, the other party too can hurt. It explains why we are humans. You hurt someone, someone hurts you. No one is perfect. As you're thinking about what he or she did that hurts you so much, do you even know if he or she is also doing the same? It's complicated!

But the message, still, is:
Love deeply and passionately, you might get hurt, but it's the best way to live to the fullest!

Though ko easy!!!



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