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20 Marital ‘Magic-Wands’ My Friend Shared with Me

“Love itself is invisible, but wherever it dwells it produces such effects that its presence soon becomes known. It makes people gentle, kindly, thoughtful, unselfish, and fills them with new desires to do good, and to serve and bless others. And wherever Christ is, love is, in all its pervasive, transforming influence ” ~ the Vine
I have many friends. I really do. They are so many that I find it difficult to constantly stay in touch with them. Some I don’t even contact for weeks, even months, yet they still find ‘a place for me in their hearts’. I’m sure they’re reading this and they’ll understand...*wink*.
And so, one of my numerous dear friends sent me series of relationship/marital advice (edited) that I think are worth sharing on my blog. (Did I mention he sent them via SMS? Yes, he did!). Peodavies as he is often called, or Olutayo Irantiola if you will, is married and has these for the married (as well as the singles). I find them exhilarating, and I believe they’ll inspire you t…