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Should I Take the Risk?

Risk is something most of us don't like taking but the truth is it is all around us. Life is a risk itself! If we have ever thought of the risk involved in sleeping and possibly not waking up, we won't be sleeping at all - because waking up or not is a 50-50 chance. It's not guaranteed! How about the risk involved in investment? This too is a probability - what we're investing in may or may not yield high returns but we still invest anyway.

In like manner, relationships too are full of risks. Someone once told me that some unmarried guys are afraid of commitments. I've also read somewhere where a lady openly confessed her fears for commitment...well that's understandable considering the separation/divorce rate in marriage. But then, shouldn't you still take the risk and see if yours will work out?

What I find a little bit absurd is the fact that some cannot even take the risk of wooing (or toasting) a lady they like for fear of being rejected. I mean, that&#…


I've not blogged since forever...been busy actually. But I'll resume soon.

In the meantime, I'd drop these poems for you. Might be posting it occasionally - that's if the writer will be sending them to me.

Although, I'm not good at writing poems, but I appreciate good once when I read them and I'm sure you'd appreciate this too.


Mary Slessor
a love
that never ends
begins with friendship
that never melts
firm always will it remain
irrespective of separation or distance

he thanks you
for the good things you said
for the better things you did
for the best times you shared

the flame of love of love
you ignited in him
will keep burning
the vision of you
planted in his brain
still remains
and always will remain
never aging
never fading
cause in you
he once saw love
and in you
he still sees love

(April 2005)
PS: in appreciation of the woman in human

Wisdom of words
there was a lady
i met in Abia
where hunger is
the order of the day

why i had to leave her
only …

Code Cake

Saw it on, loved it ad posted it here. How would it feel like to have a tech cake for your wedding?

Pity the poor baker who had to ice USB logos, smiley-emoticons, power symbols, @ signs and all that syntax. Guess it was easier than icing...

Tips on Sustaining Long Distance Relationships

In today's culture of electronic communication and easy access to airplanes, relationship expert says it is fairly simple to maintain a long-distance romance—at least for a little while. While distance can make the heart grow fonder, an expert says there are five rules every couple in a long-distance romance should follow if they want their love to thrive.The 5 Rules of Long-Distance Relationships:* See each other frequently. Do not let more than two weeks go by without seeing each other. Certainly not a month!
* Talk on the phone everyday. Have a set time when you call each other, according to the expert. “That way, you build your partner into your life and schedule."
* Don't overdo the phone calls. Better to speak everyday for half an hour than twice a week for two hours. "If you overdo the phone calls, you are left with not enough to discover and uncover about each other once you actually meet."
* Make your reunion special. Plan a special dinner or buy a special…