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Grace Adenekan Berths 'Bigger than the Biggest'

It's refreshing to see new artistes pop up, and Grace Adenekan is one of such. Popularly called Akorin, Grace is out with her debut gospel album and video tagged 'Bigger than the Biggest'.

 According to an official statement, Grace Adenekan has been a gospel artiste for many years. She started as a youngster in the church choir and has since followed her passion by proclaiming the gospel through music. 
Set for launch on the November 1, 2015 at the Centre for Management Development Hall, Magodo, Lagos, the album has 8 tracks, and has been produced in partnership with her husband, Kehinde Adenekan, who composed and co-arranged the songs with Segun Joshua. Akin Jazzy, featured in the track that the album is named after ‘Bigger than the Biggest’, and EMX mixed the track, ‘Sope’ and directed the video.
Currently, one of the songs titled ‘Most High’ is trending on Youtube. Some of the A-list gospel artistes billed for the launch include Kenny Kore, Mike Abdul, Pelumi Strings, N…

The Bilingual Child and Grammar

“Aunt, if table is ‘tabili’ in Yoruba, what do you call an ottoman then?” “Hmm, I’m not so sure” “But I thought you understood your local language?”

Being bilingual is beautiful. I am bilingual, and have enjoyed its tremendous benefits. However, many bilingual speakers find themselves in the situation described above - attempting to describe something, or trying to translate a term or an expression into another language. 
Bilingualism is the ability to speak more than one language. One of its beauties is that it gives you an edge over monolingual speakers (people who speak fluently only in one language). According to Jeffery Nelson, if you are bilingual, people automatically think you’re a genius! 

Most children are capable of learning more than one language. Research has shown that one in five people over the age of five speak a language other than English at home. And, for such children, this comes with blessings such as good cognitive functions; learning new words easily; connecting wit…