Two Cultures, One Marriage, No Big Deal

David Folowo is a Nigerian, married to an Irish woman, and together they have a son. But being married to a white woman, living in a white man's land, or learning the Irish culture will not make David forget his culture so easily. He loves the Nigerian way of life and would not hesitate to teach his wife how to be a Nigerian. No wonder David had his son backed as a way of teaching the wife how it's done in his part of the world (see picture). Now, that is a real man!
                                                                      David and Dara
                                                         (Picture source: David Folowo)

Not many people (male and female) in interracial marriage are like David. They're either ashamed of their culture or their language isn't funky enough for learning. And as you've guessed, it will be stressful to put their other half through culinary lessons. Their dishes are either boring or impossible.

In my opinion, there should be a proper balance of the different cultures and languages involved. The problem, however, is that many parents in such categories are too busy for these supposedly "trivial" issues. Their children are left at the mercy of school teachers, maids or friends who may only influence them in the way they know best. And as such, culture dies and languages are lost. All they will be left with will be the culture or language of their immediate environment.

Finland, for instance, is a country that values culture and language. No language is belittled in the country. Forty years ago, the Finnish Government created an educational policy that enables the non-Finnish to protect their culture and language. It is reported that the country runs a curriculum that allows children at pre-primary age (6 years) who have a mother tongue other than Finnish to be taught their native language in school. The policy is still on to date. (Read more on Village Square: If a country knows the importance of culture, then interracial or inter-tribal marriage should not end it.

So far, Finland has been the only country with such report. This leaves the parents with the bulk of the work. They need to ensure their cultures and languages are preserved and passed on, irrespective of whom they're married to or their country of residence. And the only way to achieve this is to teach their spouses and children. No culture is superior to the other and no language is better than the other.  It takes a legitimate son, or daughter, one who isn't ashamed of his culture or language to pull this through.

So next time you see a man like David Folowo who is a proud son of the soil, give him a thumbs up. That guy's got my admiration.


  1. This is good, what makes us pristine is our culture. Everyone should be proud of his/her root! Thank u Bukky.

  2. David Folowo!!! You are truly Nigerian in deed. Unlike some of our fellow Nigerians who seems to easily who forget, neglect and adopt other cultures which are alien and does not promote parental bonding once they leave the shores of Naija.
    Thumbs up David! this your simple and humble act should be emulated and showcased proudly. Cheers and thank you dear Sis Bukky for sharing.

  3. Thank you all. @Sis Titi, you can say that again

  4. I am amused by the fact that the son's name is Dara. What is the ancestral town, his Yoruba name and has the Finish wife been given a Yoruba name? It will be good to know. Well done, Bukola! The counselor in you is emerging daily! Cheers!

  5. @ Tayo: the wife is Irish not Finnish. As per a Yoruba name for the wife, I don't know if he has one for her...though it wouldn't be a bad idea. Thanks pal. Trying to be like you ni :).


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