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Staying When You Feel Like Quitting

Love...keeps going to the end. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

“In every relationship there are times when it seems it would be easier to quit than to hang in”

When Ed and Alice went for marriage counselling the therapist asked Alice, 'What first attracted you to Ed?' She replied, 'His strong, silent temperament.' The counsellor continued, 'So why do you want a divorce?' Alice answered, 'His strong, silent temperament!'
Sometimes what drew us together ends up a major irritant. In every relationship there are times when it seems it would be easier to quit than to hang in. But short of physical and emotional abuse, there are advantages to working through your issues. For example, there are:
1) Emotional benefits Contrary to what Hollywood's culture would have us believe, divorced people are more likely to feel depressed due to loneliness. In fact, many say although there were disagreements in the relationship, they miss having somebody to come home to. 2) Health be…

Things That Irritate Me

I get easily irritated at times, and funny the things that irritate me could be classed as trivial - that is, minor. The truth is, once I let them out you might view me as 'duh, why should those irritate you?' but they do anyway. It just goes to show that I'm a unique being *wink wink*. Some months back I sat in a public bus on my way home, then I heard a guy, who sat behind me, make some sound with his mouth - teeth and tongue. The kind some people make when they are trying to remove a left over food or dirt from their teeth. The bad thing is, he didn't stop once, he made the sound till he alighted from the bus. Kai, I was pissed!

Still in the same bus, someone was listening to a sport commentary on his phone. He put the phone on speaker and on the highest volume, as if the rest of us were interested in the boring tale. I wonder how he forgot that earphones are made for moments such as those.... How I almost shouted at him. The odd thing was that he hissed at the com…

A True Test of Love

What is that one thing You Would Sacrifice for Love?
What is that one thing you'd give up for love? Have you ever asked yourself this question? I have asked myself times without number, but the truth is I really couldn't answer that big question. For me, it's a true test of love; for me I think the meaning of love is hidden in that question.

The great book recorded that God's love goes beyond words; His love was expressed - backed up by action 'For God so love the world that He gave (sacrificed, gave up) His only begotten son...' He didn't give goat, neither did he give a cow; He gave a costly gift - the kind of gift that money cannot buy. He gave a part of Himself; He gave His confidant, friend, son and colleague (if I must say). It's costly. No wonder He couldn't stand to watch Him while He (the Son) went through the agony and pain. For me, that's real love.
Sometime last year, a popular radio station in Lagos aired a call-in talk show and the…

Sex Matters – Sanctified or Not?

By Bolanle & Daniel Enang
This article blessed me, and I want it to bless you too…especially ladies. So I share. Enjoy and make comments please…
“Ladies, the way we carry ourselves is very crucial. It spells sexuality or sensuality. When a man walks past us, what runs through his mind? Is it “I want to sleep with her or I’d like to hold her in my life forever?” We exude aromas….”
‘I hate sex”! I blurted out to the bewilderment of my ‘D’ on that Friday night in the midst of our new friends. I had never seen my sweetness look so shocked, embarrassed and humiliated! I am known for my frankness and bluntness; but this was way out of line.......or was it? Was it really?! I didn’t understand why I couldn’t be enraptured away in the moment of sensuality and heightened passion. After all, I had waited and dreamt of ‘this out of this world experience’. I had even taught ladies about sexual matters...what in the world was going on with my body and ability to get it right? What more Lord? I won…

Contract Dating/Marriage: Penning the Terms of Agreement

Image's been like since forever that I posted something on this blog; anyway, it's just been 2 terrific months. Terrific because it's been beautiful - I had the most amazing birthday ever... in may; and it's also know. Well, I'm not complaining. I, in fact, have every reason to say thank You God.

Enough of me already...Back to the business of the day.

Now marriage is an agreement between 2 people. But some believe there is more to it. I have heard of contract marriages/relationships; and I've seen 1 couple practice it, but really, I've neither come across what the terms of agreement actually look like nor do I know what the people involved feel for each other. Now, contract marriage is not totally western; some Nigerians practice it (I know one). However, I'm a bit curious: was it love that brought them together in the first place? If not, will they eventually fall in love? If not, how will the contract end?

Well the focus here is on the ter…

25 Tips on How to Stay Married

1. Always put her first - before work, friends, even basketball. Act as if she's the best thing that ever happened to you, because we all know she is. (Same goes for ladies)2. Keep no secrets. Pool your money. Allow nothing and no one to come between you.3. Pick your fights with care. Play fair. Show some class. Hurtful words can be forgiven, but they are hard to forget.4. Fall in love again every day. Kiss her in taxis. Flirt with her at parties. Tell her she is beautiful. Then tell her again. (Hmmmmmmm)5. Never miss an anniversary or a birthday or a chance to make a memory. Memories may not seem important now, but one day they will be gold. (Guys, note!)6.Never give her a practical gift. If she really wants a Shop-Vac, let her pick it out herself. (I’m not to sure ‘bout this).7. Go to church together, and pray every day for each other and your marriage.8. Pay your bills on time and make sure you each have a living will, a durable power of attorney and life insurance, lest, God f…

Are You Getting married? Then Take this Quiz

By Paul Casciato

A British family law firm is urging couples to take a “compatibility quiz” before getting married or deciding to live together. Bross Bennett’s compatibility test focuses on key questions about finances, family ties, children and aspirations that most couples struggle with and might have to answer anyway if their marriage breaks down and they end up divorcing (we don’t pray for this!). Partner Ruth Bross compared taking the quiz to the kind of considerations and research an employer might make before hiring someone. “No one who is truly committed to a relationship will ever mind making the full and frank disclosure that is asked of them; if they do, you might like to ask yourself why,” she said in an emailed statement containing the quiz. The quiz asks about assets and how each party would like to share them, what kind of relationships they have with their extended family and friends, whether they want children, their religious views, spending habits and career plans:A…