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Secondary School Lovers Marry Nearly 50 Years after Breakup

“Many waters cannot extinguish love, and rivers will never wash it away. If a man exchanged all his family's wealth for love, people would utterly despise him...” Songs of Solomon 8:7
They say true love stands the test of time. And for Emilie Danielson, 70, and Terry Britton, 69, that has certainly proven true.
On Nov. 11, 52 years after they originally met as college freshmen attending Chapman University in Orange, Calif., the blushing bride and her now very grateful groom finally had the opportunity to say their "I do's" to one another.
The couple first began dating in 1960 and admittedly fell fast and hard for each other. "We would walk down to this tiny little church down the road and make out like crazy in the back of the pew," Danielson told
I Lost My Love But over the years, although the passion was strong between them, they somehow lost touch and can't even explain today how or why it happened.
"We do not know how we lost touch. That…