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It's wedding galore!

Wedding just dey smell now ooo. In the coming months, I'm going to be really busy attending weddings, organising weddings (lol...I'm not a pastor ooo. But, I'm a friend's chief brides maid and her wedding is coming up soon), travelling for weddings and more.

Hmm. Starting from August I'll be so busy with aso ebi and all. Can you imagine?

Anyway, it's all for the best.

Good news in my family. My doctor cousin, Jamiu Hassan Oyelohunnu and her long time doctor fiancee are saying yes, they do on August 16th.

Congratulations to Temitayo Ponmile and Daniel's coming up in September (date and time to be communicated soon. Tayo must not see this ooo, I'm letting the cat out of the bag) anyways congrats all the same.

Toyin Lawal too is tying the knot in September too. !3th, September to be precise. I'm so happy for you Toyin. Your's is the case of the vision...It's yet for an appointed time, though it tarries, wait f…

Sexists: What Do We Do About Them?

A couple of weeks ago one of my friends sent me (and a few others) a mail on how reckless women can be when they drive. The title of the mail is 'Stunts only a woman can do'. The mail, to me, was just hilarious, seeing that we women (or female gender) are such a wonderful beings - in the sense that we could be extremists in whatever we do. In short, we are just wonderfully made, I must say, especially when we take charge.

Ok. Then came the responses to the mail. The one that really brought controversy was from a very dear friend - Biodun - whom I'd never believe he could have that kind of ideology. He wrote and I quote: " we will love them more in the kitchen" . Hmm. Can you imagine? Biodun only saw us as a kitchen material. But trust us. We attacked him back. See some of our responses below.

Ajayi Bukola:Hello...I hope you're not one of those who see women as a mere kitchen material!!!

Please, change that mentality of yours...Women are humans, we have the righ…

Discover Him…

Are you used to doing everything for yourself, without a man's help?Are you feeling tired and ready for a man to do his part, without you always having to ask or be the one to try and make things work?If so, then you're also probably finding it more than a little hard to let a man in and trust him again.After having more than one relationship with a man end badly.. You might worry that even if your boyfriend or husband is saying he loves you...He might secretly be feeling differently about you and your relationship, and not be telling you everything.Scary and confusing, I know.You might be asking yourself if ALL men have a hard time staying in relationships, no
matter how good things are.Or worse. You might even be worried that all men cheat.I want to set the record straight -Most men can and do want relationships to work, and to last (when they feel uplifted and inspired by their woman in their relationship).And, to the other question of cheating...Do all men think about sleep…

Happy New Month

Hi ya, it's the first day of a new month and I'm so glad I'm updating my blog today... Happy new month to you all, and welcome to the month of new beginnings - new relationships, new jobs, new hopes, new dreams, new cars, new houses, new everything.

It's kinda a surprise that we're already in the second-half of 2008. The year seem to be running and only God knows where it's running to...Well, how far with our relationships in the past six months? For me the story's been good and smooth. I've additional friends to my friends' list. More importantly, I had new toasters (LOL). Can you imagine?

The sore thing there is that I not only had ok guys toast me, I also had some babas and some youngies (too bad). The ok ones are just 2 (two) the rest are married and youngies...I immediately rejected, rebuked and debunked (if you can use the word) them. I've always been saying it that I can't marry someone who is older than me with about 10 years not to ta…