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What’s Love Got to do with it?

>> Obama’s Historic Inaugural MomentsPresident Barack Obama and his wife Michelle capped their historic day with a speedy tour through 10 inaugural balls before retiring, at last, for their first night in the White House.The Etta James classic "At Last" was the Obamas' song of the evening, crooned by Beyonce at the Neighbourhood Ball, the first of 10 inaugural celebrations they attended into the early hours of Wednesday.
The president wore white tie, while Michelle shimmered in a white, one-shouldered, floor-length gown. It was embellished from top to bottom with white floral details and made by 26-year-old New York designer Jason Wu.
"First of all, how good looking is my wife?" Obama asked the crowd of celebrities and supporters.
The president pulled his wife close for a slow, dignified two-step to the song that marked the end of a long day of formal inaugural events and the two-year campaign that put them in the White House…
At most of the balls that foll…

A Whale of a Marriage

Happy New Year! It’ll be our year of unspeakable joy by His grace.
I’ve not written in a long time. Been very very busy, especially during the festive season; but now I’m “semi” back now (if there ever is any word like that – LOL).

Today, I’m delving into a topic I seldom discuss. I was just thinking about Nigerian politicians and their usual corrupt practices (apologies to those who have them as relatives). Last night, as I was watching one of our local channels (news hour) and in the news, again is a report of a past Minister summoned to panel to answer a query of mismanaged funds during his administration but who refused to honour the invitation (probably ‘cause of shame or a feeling of being above the law – don’t know). That news, though not new, made me ask my mum to tell me if there was any past leader in Nigeria that was not involved in corrupt practices or if there was anyone of them that was not summoned to one panel or the other, or even given public disgrace through arrest o…