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Sex Matters – Sanctified or Not?

By Bolanle & Daniel Enang
This article blessed me, and I want it to bless you too…especially ladies. So I share. Enjoy and make comments please…
“Ladies, the way we carry ourselves is very crucial. It spells sexuality or sensuality. When a man walks past us, what runs through his mind? Is it “I want to sleep with her or I’d like to hold her in my life forever?” We exude aromas….”
‘I hate sex”! I blurted out to the bewilderment of my ‘D’ on that Friday night in the midst of our new friends. I had never seen my sweetness look so shocked, embarrassed and humiliated! I am known for my frankness and bluntness; but this was way out of line.......or was it? Was it really?! I didn’t understand why I couldn’t be enraptured away in the moment of sensuality and heightened passion. After all, I had waited and dreamt of ‘this out of this world experience’. I had even taught ladies about sexual matters...what in the world was going on with my body and ability to get it right? What more Lord? I won…

Contract Dating/Marriage: Penning the Terms of Agreement

Image's been like since forever that I posted something on this blog; anyway, it's just been 2 terrific months. Terrific because it's been beautiful - I had the most amazing birthday ever... in may; and it's also know. Well, I'm not complaining. I, in fact, have every reason to say thank You God.

Enough of me already...Back to the business of the day.

Now marriage is an agreement between 2 people. But some believe there is more to it. I have heard of contract marriages/relationships; and I've seen 1 couple practice it, but really, I've neither come across what the terms of agreement actually look like nor do I know what the people involved feel for each other. Now, contract marriage is not totally western; some Nigerians practice it (I know one). However, I'm a bit curious: was it love that brought them together in the first place? If not, will they eventually fall in love? If not, how will the contract end?

Well the focus here is on the ter…