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IMOLE YIO TAN (The Light Will Shine)

That Light Will Shine (again)!

I remember asking certain rhetorical questions when there were no suitors coming; I'd ask myself:

'What it would feel like to get married'
'What my wedding day would look like'
'What it would feel like to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy'
(I remember, I once asked myself) 'if I would even ever be married or be pregnant or experience what it feels like to breastfeed a child'

You see, all those questions were answered, even though I asked them within myself, with no one but God to provide the answers. As a matter of fact, they were answered physically, publicly (not privately)!

I woke up this morning asking myself yet again certain questions, and God chose the time to remind me of the questions above and the time I asked them. He reminded me of how I thought I was just asking myself rhetorical questions,  when indeed there would be answers and there would be someone to answer them (HIM)! 

Then suddenly,  while still meditating …