Re: Agree or Disagree

Here's what Phemnahs has to say on this post:

"i totally disagree that children from polygamous family tend to marry more than a wife. Those that are of that view are reasoning out of that. Every opinion and conclusions on issues such as this are best tendered base on fact not mere words.
I am from a polygamous family and i can say, though i am not married yet, that no matter what i am sticking with only one wife.

Okay what about females from polygamy home, are they also going to probably be jumping from one man house to another. Common, it is baseless.

Anyway i saw your blogspot address on skype and decided to have a look not knowing i will see an article on a topic i and my friends were just talking about this weekend.

That was a nice article though. keep it up.

Thanks you Phemnahs (is your real name Femi?). I also visited your blog. and I must say you've got some stuff. I like your view on this issue, that means you must adhere strictly to what you said (no extra wifey (LOL)).

Okkk. About Females from polygamous home - house let's here your view. I'm also from a polygamous home but before I say anything about people like me, let's hear from other people first.


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