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...For Mama

I feel since this blog is about relationships, writing about my family, friends, colleagues, etc...and expressing my love for them wouldn't be a crime. 

Here's a poem for mama, who'll be a year older tomorrow (15th, September).

And this poem is dedicated to all the mamas in the world...with love.


Dearest Mama,

I just write to let you know
What's on my mind
Bringing me to the world with groans
I can imagine what it's like

For the seeds of love you've sown
You're one of a kind
For the toughest times you've known
It's fresh in my mind

For the times I don't listen to you
You love me still
And the times that I trouble you
You keep loving me

Oh! and the times that I fell sick
You knew no sleep
Or the times that I weep
You weep and weep

And those times that I'm lost
You are on your feet
Even at times of failures
You believe in me
For all my mistakes
You have an answer
And all my pains
You fi…