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Na By Force to Marry

Got this from Linda Ikeji’s blog site and I thought I should share it with you.
It’s so funny
Na By Force to MarryDuring a wedding reception; the groom was called upon to give his vote of thanks to his guests and this is what he came up with:1. I want to first of all thank the Lord Almighty for creating my wife And to also thank the pastor and his wife for lending us their wedding rings.2. Special appreciation to my landlord who lent us his car.3. I am most grateful to my boss for approving the loan I used for the wedding.4. Big thanks to the committee of friends for the appeal fund they raised on my behalf.5. Also to my brother's wife, thank you for lending us your wedding gown.6. Am so grateful to the cake designer for the cake. I promised to return it tomorrow morning as agreed without cutting or eating out of it.7. Special thanks to my friends who brought food from their homes to help me feed you all. Please for those who were served food good luck and for Those who didn't g…

Love: Deep, Passionate, Hurtful & Unconditional

Hi all, quite some time now. I've been so so busy, I could not write because of my job. Anyway, I'm back for a while.

How are you all doing? Missed your comments.

I don't really have something gen gen to write today other than to tell you this:

Love deeply and passionately, you might get hurt, but it's the best way to live to the fullest!

The first time I came across this saying, I had a deep meditation. I'm being asked to "love deeply"; "love passionately" even if I get hurt, I should still love...Then I asked my self, is it possible to love someone you know is cheating on you? Can I do it? Though, I've never been jilted before, but if it happens (God forbid), will I still be able to look into the person's eyes and still say "I LOVE YOU"? Hmmm.

You know I keep thinking, what does it mean to love unconditionally? It means (simply) to love without conditions; without "if's", "in cases", "peradventures&q…

Be a People Builder

God designed us to live in relationship with others. He wants us to help each other grow. None of us will reach our highest potential by ourselves. We need people in our lives to encourage us, and we need to encourage the people in our lives and help them reach their potential. The word “encourage” means to “urge forward.” Many times you can see things in other people that they don’t see themselves. You can see their strengths and talents. You can see that God has a special plan for them even though they may be going through a difficult time. Don’t assume that people see what you see in them. Take a moment and encourage them either with a kind word or a simple note. There might be a special gift you can give that will remind them of their goal or dream. In whatever way you can, urge the people in your life to keep moving forward. If you’ll be a people builder and help others fulfill their dreams, God will help you fulfill your dreams also, and you’ll live in blessing all the days of y…

Unusual Wedding

How will you feel getting married on an Island - precisely at a beach - with just a few people in attendance and at an unusual hour - say 7:00pm at night?

Romantic. Wouldn't it be? This was how Mariah Carey felt when she got married (I guess). Can we have weddings like this in Nigeria for once and stop all the conventional styles for a while??

Guys, Ladies, I'm looking forward to attending a wedding with an unusual setting. Hope you'll make a difference (and a statement). Omotola had hers on the plane. You could have yours in an unsinkable ship. What do you think?

Nigerian Prison Break Genius

Do you know I've seen the Michael in 'Prison Break' in real life? Yes, I have and before you criticise me, let me tell you where I saw him...

There's this guy in my office, his name is Ife (Love). He's just LIKE the Michael in 'Prison Break' (LOL). Ife, apologies., no offence meant. The only difference I've seen so far is the fact that Michael is white (American) and Ife is black (Nigerian).

Well, this Ife guy sent me a love article for publication and it's really going to teach you guys eyeing some beautiful gal out there some toasting (abi, is it woo-ing) tricks. Only that I disagree with #1 & 2 in the article & we've argued it out. But the rest have been OKayed by me...


7 Secrets to Winning the 1Have you ever felt frustrated trying to get the one you want to want you back? Have you ever felt like the…

Celebrating Motherhood

My friend, Arinola, forwarded this message to all mothers and mothers to be (including me). I found the message touching and inspiring, so I decided to share it with everyone.

Please, read on. I'm using it to celebrate our mothers and to tell them how much they're loved and appreciated.


Celebrating Motherhood

After 21 years of marriage, my wife wanted me to take another woman out to dinner and a movie. She said, "I love you, but I know this other woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you."The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my mother, who has been a widow for 19 years, but the demands of my work and my three children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally.That night I called to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie. "What's wrong, are you well," she asked? My Mother is the …

Rejoinder: A Belated Tribute to Abimbola Odewale

A friend wrote something similar to the article below. Feel free to check his blog site and contribute.


Happy reading.

A Belated Tribute to Abimbola Odewale

How time flies! It's been three years now and the memory of YOU is still very fresh. Abimbola Odewale, Aka "Man of the house", "Prof", you left this world without a backward glance. You left leaving vacuums in the hearts of your loved ones. You left with all your skills, talents, knowledge, wisdom and more buried with you. You left with that angelic look gone. Your laughter, oh so sweet to the ears, gone.

I could remember the good old days in school. Right from 100 level, you were always hanging out with us (i.e. the girls - Arin, me, Bola, Busayo & co); hence you earned the title "Man of the house". And then when you were always quick to answer questions in the class and you were tagged "Prof".

And again, in our 400 level, we had the same supervisor (you and I). This gave me a little insight to who you really are - nice, sweet, kind, caring, patient, understanding you. You don't get annoyed easily and you're quick to forgive.

The …

The Farmer Wants a Wife

After hearing word that the Australian reality TV show (via DSTV) The Farmer Wants a Wife was must-see dating television, I decided to take a peek recently. I was quickly hooked: a couple of hours later I'd already managed to watch all six episodes. I found the show was not only surprising in its humanity, but also in how meeting someone, dating relationships and the issues they pose are similar no matter where you live. The premise of The Farmer Wants a Wife is simple: six single, full-time farmers are looking for long term relationships via the show. Women were invited to apply for the show via the Australian website, and of those who put themselves up for grabs, the farmers chose ten to meet in person. An hour or so later and a bunch of speed dates under their belt, the men are asked to whittle the list down to five each. After a group date the numbers are further reduced to two, and these women are invited back to the individual Romeos' farms for a 10-day farming "vac…

5 Days to Go

Hmm...5 more days to go! I'll be a year older on 18th, May. Can you imagine?

A lot has happened in the last 20 something years. Some relationships have been broken, some have been mended, some stayed without hiccups and many just died down without cause. Well, all glory to God.

If it had not been the Lord that was and is on my side, where would I have been today? It's been God and it will always be him.

The journey so far...I have loving parents and wonderful siblings (you know I wrote in my profile that they are many..very many). They've been great. They see me as valuable, indispensable and more. My friends, beautiful friend have I. I don't know why, but God has been blessing me with good friends...Friends you will see in need and friends that are indeed friends. They've always been there. They stick closer than brothers or sisters. I LOVE YOU ALL

For all the challenges so far, for all the trying times, for the happy moments, for the answered prayers, for the miracle…

Thank God it's Friday

It's weekend again! Thank God we'll rest from all the hustle and bustle for at least 2 days and we'll be able to spend a little time with our LOVED ones.

Hmm! I'm very glad. I usually pray for Friday to come so that I can at least rest a bit. You know I work in a media house, we get to work round the clock to the extent that we sometimes forget family & friends. A lot of my friends feel I don't care, some have even given me names (like busy busy woman, Bukky has fashied us, etc). Some do understand, for those who do not understand, I'm so sorry.

A friend even asked me how I'm going to cope with my job once I get married, I told him to wait until then. And he was like, "if I'm your husband, you'll just have to resign from the job". Thanks gan, I appreciate your concern. While I'm still working with this organisation, I really must give in my best and follow their policy.

I had a chat with a Skype friend yesterday (he's a he, but I …

What If Understanding Men could be Easy?

(Can you imagine the possibilities?)Imagine if you could truly discover what would make a man adore you and never want to leave. If you could rekindle the romance in your relationship or knew the 50 Universal Truths about Menwould you take advantage of that knowledge? Do any of the following describe you?·You think everything is fine in your relationships, and all of a sudden he is gone. You keep asking “where did I go wrong?” If your relationship has just ended, you need to know what not to do if he leaves. · You want to capture his heart forever. Imagine what would be different if you practiced the 3 things that men can’t resist. · You want to know how and where to find Mr. Right. · You’re married but your relationship is mediocre. You’re feeling sad and lonely. You want to reignite your relationship and have your husband truly value you and want to marry you all over again. · You’re single and date frequently, but you always seem to attract the wrong kind of men. Y…

Re: In The Beginning

Here's what Sola Omosebi has to contribute on this post.

Mario Wrote:

"To me, it's necessary we have relationships. We can't do without one another! No man can exist as a loner / Island!
One thing stands as a fact! LOVE exists and in different forms too.

We need it in all relationships that are of positive value. There are so many things that stand as pointers! One of them is trust! Relationships (valuing) cannot exist without it. Another is respect! We should respect one another and define all relationships well!
I would like to define love from the point of view that stands to call it an emotion!

LOVE is a strong feeling of intense attraction!
Every relationship has a point of attraction! Something attracts one to the other. A father to a son, a mother to a daughter, a friend to another friend!
The sentence "Does love exist" could only be asked because so much has infiltrated our world which were not there in times past.
I would also consider cases!!
A broken hearte…

Re: Agree or Disagree

Here's what Phemnahs has to say on this post:

"i totally disagree that children from polygamous family tend to marry more than a wife. Those that are of that view are reasoning out of that. Every opinion and conclusions on issues such as this are best tendered base on fact not mere words.
I am from a polygamous family and i can say, though i am not married yet, that no matter what i am sticking with only one wife.

Okay what about females from polygamy home, are they also going to probably be jumping from one man house to another. Common, it is baseless.

Anyway i saw your blogspot address on skype and decided to have a look not knowing i will see an article on a topic i and my friends were just talking about this weekend.

That was a nice article though. keep it up. . CIAO"

Thanks you Phemnahs (is your real name Femi?). I also visited your blog. and I must say you've got some stuff. I like your view on this issue, that means you must adhere strictly to what you said (no …

Re: In The Beginning

I just received a comment from Bayo Olaiya on the this article. He said he's convinced that love still exists, only that our environment and the way people show it make it seem as if it does not...Excerpt:

Bayo Wrote:
"well, to me love still exist though few people practice it. the love of self has grown much more than the love for one another because of the environment we are,wrong motives,love of money and many dissappointments here and there.all thesame some still have geniue love, i'm a product of love and i'm looking forward raising another generation that will be full of love"

Thanks Bayo for your contribution. Let's have others contribute.

Tips: Dating with a Difference

When you're on the dating scene, you want to stand out from the crowd. So don't settle for the same old first-date ideas: a drink at the bar, or dinner if you're feeling adventurous. Here are some sparky dating ideas he'll never forget.>> Have a Date on GrassYou're too late for seats at Silverbird Cinema, but this is the next best thing! Snuggle up in the plush 100-seat theatre at a planetarium. Follow the show with a night-time star-gazing picnic on the gorgeous lawn or grassy area, an area of outstanding natural beauty.>> Cook up a Curry to Die ForWhat man doesn't love a curry? Tell your date to ditch his takeaway menus, and treat him to a day of mouth-watering curry soup. Itis often said that the way to a man’s heart is through is belly.>> Re-enact GhostForget making dinner for your date, make plates instead, Ghost-style. Explore your inner Demi Moore (See: The Ghost) and get your hands filthy at the potter's wheel. You'll end up wi…

A Contract Marriage?

Beyonce and Jay-Z are said to be having a Pre-nup (only God knows what the world is turning to). Jay-Z has promised to pay Beyonce a huge amount of money for their marriage and for every child she bares (can you imagine?). What is happening to love these days? So, money is supposed to buy love??? Full story on
Breaking News: It was just revealed that Mariah Carey tied the Knot with Nick Cannon.
This is seriously the most random celeb goss ever! Here is the first pic from

We strongly pray she won't dump this one o. Congrats Mariah. Happy married life

Curled from Bella Naija

Agree or Disagree?

Most times it is often concluded that children from broken homes suffer relationship break-ups (or trauma). How true is this? A friend of mine, Temitayo Ponmile, once concluded that most guys who come from a polygamous family often trail the path of polygamy. She concluded that they usually fail to learn from the fathers (except for the **cascows*). Another friend of mine (name withheld) disagreed with this view. He was of the opinion that guys from polygamous home do not trail the path of polygamy. He said they learn from it and avoid it (as he is from a polygamous home and is willing to do all in his power to at least practice monogamy. This my friend is not a cascow - let's see how things turn out for him). Well, he is not married yet and he likes women a lot(LOL).

What's your view on this issue? Please, feel free to contribute.

In the Beginning...

Has it ever occurred to you that relationships these days have been misjudged. A lot of people have different views about it. Some say love doesn't exist, some say it does. If love doesn't exist, how do you describe the relationship between parents & child (or children); the relationship between the creator & the created; the relationship that exist between the couples who celebrate 30-yr anniversary, 40-yr anniversary...and so on?
And if love exists, how do you explain the situation of a broken-hearted lady in aro (Yaba), the situation of a son/daughter who doesn't feel a sense of belonging at home but instead find solace in marijuana, and so on?

Welcome to my blogspot. My name is Bukola Ajayi, I hail from Ekiti, a graduate of Linguistics from the University of Ilorin (2004). On this blog we'll be talking strictly about relationships and this will cut across not just one that exists between lovers (in marriage or before) but also one that exists between friends…