Do I have to Stop?

Life is not fair at times. Day-by-day, there’s one challenge or the other to deal with. We’ve been wounded and we have caused pains for others; had to go through pains or hurts, comfort others, and even wonder why we had to go through the pains we go through. But I ask, do we have to stop laughing?
The past few weeks have been rather eventful; there was the January fuel subsidy removal, hike in prices of items and fares, subsidy-driven industrial action or strike, non-salary payment, and so on. But do we have to stop spending?
There have been issues of boko haram, bomb blasts, accidents, kidnappings, killings, rituals and many of such; but do we have to stop being adventurous or stop travelling?

Many of us have wanted some things so badly – indeed, they are things that we rightfully ought to have or own. We even give ourselves time frame, and say to ourselves that if we don’t get such things by the stipulated time, then that means life is just so unfair to us. However, do we have to stop hoping?
We here stories about deaths – timely and untimely; and there was Whitney Houston who gave her all to her marriage but was instead taken for granted, lost her happiness (or marriage) and recently passed at a young age. Hmmm, do we have to stop living?
Indeed some of us have had encounter with deceitful people – the wolves in sheep clothing, whose demeanour do not quite match what they would have you believe they are. They are the heart breakers and the ones who toy with people's emotions….but yet, do we have to stop loving?
One of my dear friends has often told me she would never allow high blood pressure in her veins. To her, those pains, cheatings, violence, deaths, heart breaks, and as many incidences that make life look unfair, are part of life, and you just must be prepared for them.

Even in the Holy Book, we were warned that life is full of tribulations and afflictions. But the good news is that we were also told to be of good cheer because help will come, victory is certain, no matter how bad the situation is. Assurance!

And I want to add that while we yet go through the rigours of life, it will do us good to surround ourselves with great people. People who wouldn’t hesitate to share our visions and appreciate them; share our joys and celebrate them; share our pains and offer comfort; share our cries and offer a shoulder; share our confusions and offer the right counsel; share our hates and show love; share our lives and even be with us when death comes calling….that’s the power of relationship!
So do we have to stop hoping, laughing, trusting, living or loving? No! Live, while you can; Love freely, and allow yourself to be loved completely.

Much love.


  1. hnmmmmm...Absolutely thought-engaging...even a day old baby can actually relate with this without no stress...No! up is as good as committing suicide...we shouldn't!

    Thanks again Bukola for your thoughts...God will keep on increasing you in wisdom, and bless up!

  2. Message heard!!! Ps.. thanks for becoming a follower!

  3. @In the midst of her: Many many thanks for stopping by too


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