Let's think...

Ouch! It's really been a busy week. It all started last week Thursday, August 21, when I was busy preparing for Tayo and Daniel's engagement, slated for Friday, August 22. I got to the office very late that day. Thank God my boss was not in town, if not, it would have been 'heaven'. And then on Friday, I didn't go to the office at all...

And then this week, I've been busy trying to catch up on all the days I didn't work. So, the work load's been much since Monday. Opps...Thank God it's Friday...

We had the engagement in Surulere. It was 'sizzling'. Fun, to say the least. I, really, am happy for Temitayo Ponmile and Daniel Peters...They were both 'beautiful' that day. Hmm. Eyin iyawo o ni mo eni o..Amin. The wedding comes up September 6, 2008. See ya there (LOL). I'm gonna be besting Tayo and so, I'd be very very busy. Try and see me now if u need anything ooo. (Laughs).

Ok. Let's think. Love is great and beautiful. You'd agree that most people that get married today get married (if in truth) because they are in love. Right? Right.

But, why are there many divorces these days?

Why does someone that professed his or her love to you in the hit of the passion suddenly detest you?

Why do you find your once loving and passionate partner irritable and disgusting now?

Why does the once handsome or beautiful partner now become ugly to you?

How come your partner is no longer the best amongst several equals?

How come that that thing that attracted you to your partner when you first met has suddenly disappear?

Why does love go sour in marriages?

Why can't it be ever hot or continually heating?

How about the once wonderful in-laws? Why are they changed?

How come the care is no longer there?

Why do you now avoid God when you have misunderstandings?

Why adultery?

Why polygamy?

Why abuses?

Why hatred?

Why fightings?

Why broken homes???

Where is the once enviable love???


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