I'm Still Thinking...

I was just wondering...Why can't a lady walk up to a guy that she loves so so dearly and ask him out?

Why do ladies have to love and die in silence when all they need to do is just walk up to the one and say 'I love you'?

Oh, so a man is the head.

Apologies to those that see me as a feminist (Phemnahs - www.phemnahs.blogspot.com; Bayo Atunwa). I'm not one. I'm just asking out of curiousity. I'm just thinking.

What's wrong in a lady being the head of a family (they do it in Ghana)? Just thinking. (I choose not to be that anyway. I want my husband to be the man and not me. I love being pampered, spoilt and I can't get that if I'm the man - Just just thinking).

Why should the man be the provider or bread winner, as the case may be?

Why should it be the lady who has to please the in-laws and it is the other way round for the guys?

I'm just thinking...Share your thoughts and comments.


  1. Hello Bukky, I visited your blog site and I love your writings. Thats nice. Keep it up. Why not try ur experience in a newspaper house, say punch, guardian etc. You have some good stuff in writing.

    Femi Ayelehin


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