Rebecca is one bundle of great lessons. God didn’t just choose her to birth a mighty, strong and undefeatable nation; God saw in her rare virtues that weren’t common in their days (and in our days). Let’s take a look at the life of this virtuous woman from Genesis 24:

  1. Rebekah…CAME OUT with her pitcher on her shoulder (Vs.15): this great woman came out or went out to work; she was hardworking and would not have her maids do the dirty work (vs. 61) and would not delegate. She would work all by herself irrespective of her status, background, and wealth (Gen 24:61). She was not ashamed to work or flaunt her work tool (her pitcher on her shoulder); she would not sit idle at home when others are working on the field.

 2. Now the young woman was very BEAUTIFUL TO BEHOLD (Vs 16a): she was a woman of class and beauty. She was good looking; well dressed; she was presentable and good to associate with.

3. A VIRGIN; no man had known her (Vs.16b): she wasn’t just beautiful, she was chaste in all ways. In other words, Rebecca was beautiful, classy, sophisticated yet a virgin. And she wasn’t just a virgin, she knew no man and no man had known her! Simply put, she had not been smooched, kissed, caressed by any man. For her, it isn’t just about being a virgin, it is about complete chastity!

4. And she WENT DOWN to the well (Vs.16c): So, she wasn’t just sophisticated and a virgin, she was down to earth! She was humble. She was someone who would go down and even get her hands dirty regardless of her beauty, class, social status, position (verses 59 and 61), and any other important thing she might be.

Two stories of the Vice President of Nigeria’s wife, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo, recently went viral: 1 of her kneeling down with her 2 knees on the floor to greet an elder-stateman; the other of her baking her daughter’s wedding cake. Many had a lot to say about how simple and humble she is in spite of her social status, but the question is this: why should our status, position, beauty, class, etc., define who we are?

This woman wasn’t ashamed to come out with her pitcher (her profession) and she wasn’t ashamed to get her hands dirty too. She could have hired a world-class caterer to bake an extraordinary and exquisite cake; she could have hidden under the guise of being a busy mother of the bride; she could have asked that the cake be 10 steps just to prove it’s her 1st daughter’s wedding and that she had more than enough money to throw around; but she chose to show not only her cultured and modest side; but also her humble side so you and I could learn that fat bank account; social status; position, or our successes are not equal to good character, and should not define our person.

5. FILLED her pitcher (Vs. 16d): Patience is a virtue, and Rebecca had it. She filled her pitcher; she didn’t put half water; she didn’t do a haphazard kind of job; she took time to do it right. She meticulously got it right and with patience too. A Rebecca would be patient in all circumstances and would take time to do the needful and do it right.

We can also say a Rebecca will fill her pitcher of wisdom; knowledge and talents. She’s an all-rounder who won’t stop at being the best in all her chosen profession. She’s one who will take on courses to grow professionally; she’s one who will study the Word of God exhaustively to be a better Christian; she’s one who will stop at nothing to be the very best wherever she finds herself.

6. and CAME UP (Vs. 16e): This Rebecca knows how to go down to the valley because she will always come up. She will joyfully do the valley because she’s one who will never stay in the valley – she will never wallow in self-pity; she will take times and seasons as they come because she knows the one who owns times and seasons; she will go through the tribulations because she knows it’s for a time; she will never stay down or at the bottom; she will never give up on life even if she has to go through the valley. She is one to come up no matter what she’s faced with or what she’s going through. She’s one who will fall time and again and rise again.

7. So she said, “DRINK… (Vs. 18a): A Rebecca who isn’t only kind hearted but willing to share, she was. She won’t give based on whether she knows you or not; she won’t share because she wants to please you or because she has any form of relationship with you. She’s a cheerful, generous, selfless and wiling giver!

8. 'MY LORD’ (Vs. 18a): I’m very sure in those days, there are ways to identify a servant. Rebecca knew the man talking to her was a servant, yet she addressed him as “my lord”. That is respect. Some of us would only respect people because they are wealthy; they have what we don’t have; we are seeking help from them; or out of necessity. This woman Rebecca had undiluted and genuine respect for people no matter who they are.

9. She said, “I WILL DRAW WATER FOR YOUR CAMELS ALSO, until they have finished drinking.” (Vs.19b): A compassionate Rebecca who not only care for humans but also for animals. She will do her best to take care of people and nurture the things around her.

10. Then she QUICKLY EMPTIED her pitcher into the trough, ran back to the well to draw water (Vs.20): she would give her all genuinely and selflessly; and she will do it without procrastinating or lazing around.

11. She said to him, “WE HAVE BOTH STRAW AND FEED ENOUGH, AND ROOM TO LODGE.” (Vs.24b): And she will soon show you she has yet more inside of her. She is all of the above and she’s accommodating too.

12. Then they called Rebekah and said to her, “Will you go with this man?”
And she said, “I WILL GO.” (Vs.58): She was sensitive to the timing of God too. So, she wasn’t just one with good character; she was also one with godly discretion; godly sensitivity, and godly discernment. She wouldn’t waste unnecessary time because she knows the man was ordered and directed by God and because she perceived that it was God’s timing. She would allow God to lead her and she would move in accordance to God’s timing.

After all’s been said, do you then dare to be a Rebecca? Little wonder God singled her out to birth huge greatness (Israel, one of God’s favourites) because she had some great things going for her. Her seed still stands, to date, in the enemies’ gate without needing to fear or cower.


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