A True Test of Love

What is that one thing You Would Sacrifice for Love?

What is that one thing you'd give up for love? Have you ever asked yourself this question? I have asked myself times without number, but the truth is I really couldn't answer that big question. For me, it's a true test of love; for me I think the meaning of love is hidden in that question.

The great book recorded that God's love goes beyond words; His love was expressed - backed up by action 'For God so love the world that He gave (sacrificed, gave up) His only begotten son...' He didn't give goat, neither did he give a cow; He gave a costly gift - the kind of gift that money cannot buy. He gave a part of Himself; He gave His confidant, friend, son and colleague (if I must say). It's costly. No wonder He couldn't stand to watch Him while He (the Son) went through the agony and pain. For me, that's real love.

Sometime last year, a popular radio station in Lagos aired a call-in talk show and the question 'what does love mean to you?' was asked. Several people called in to give their opinions/answers, but one caller's answer really got me. The caller said 'My husband is love. Despite knowing I am HIV positive; he married me all the same. Ten (10) years down the line, we are still happy and he still loves me the way he loved me when we first got married...' Oh wow, that was something. What kind of man is that? you may ask. What did she see in that woman that would make him marry her despite her HIV status? You may even argue that he isn't Nigerian...but he is. He is love...and he is love, and he is true love. Such men are so rare. Knowing well what the risks (stigma, possibility of being infected, not enjoying sex, an early widower, having to maintain the sick wife's health, etc) are; he went with it anyway.

A story was told of a young woman whose husband was diagnosed with a critical case of cancer. It was so terrible that he was deformed, couldn't walk, talk or eat normally. Family and friends adviced her to leave the man, who seemed not to be showing any signs of recovery, for other suitors, especially since age was on her side. She didn't give in to their advice - instead she loved the husband more and more; stood by him all through the period. Although the man finally died; but he died a happy man; he died knowing what true love really meant.

My mum shared a story of a born-again Christian sister who had to marry a staunch unbeliever for reasons best known to her. Years into their marriage, he still has not changed - messing around with other women, drinking and doing all sorts. One day a neighbour's wife came with a report that she was pregnant for this man; and guess what, this born-again sister offered not only to accept the baby, but also beg the woman's husband and take care of the said woman. This got the other woman so afraid that she ran away before giving birth. And according to the story, the born-again sister didn't love her husband less. She was still the same loving, caring wife. Apparently, her actions changed the husband till today. That is still love.

We have also heard of people give up their wealth, education, even forsake their family because of love.

I ask again, what is that one thing you'd sacrifice for love? What costly, priceless gift would you lay down for the one you love?
Please give answers + true life stories/experience; and while we're at it; think of that one person that's worth your costly gift and don't be afraid to extend it to him or her.

Love is beautiful - though it hurts sometimes - it is still worth 'owning'.

Live, love and be loved.



  1. is it too much for you to give your life for the one you love?...No doubt...'LIFE'...is d greatest thing that Man has ever held in high esteem & will do all it takes to preserve it in any circumstance. So baby that's what I'd give, if that's what you need...& if that's what it takes...That...in my absolute conviction...is the greatest of all...sacrifice...'A True Test of Love'!...Charming but deeply moving piece indeed!

  2. Adeola, if you could give your life, then I'm sure she'll treasure it....

    Thanks as always for making out time to read this.

  3. oiyemhonlan helen16 November 2011 at 14:20

    Love is real and very strong,but its just so painful that love does not spread the way it should,as a young girl i got to know love so strong and i beleived so much in it,but along the line the way some persons lead a fake life with you make you wonder why its so hard for the other to love back,just like the other story this morning

  4. As a woman I will give up my name to bear his name (lol)


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