Things That Irritate Me

I get easily irritated at times, and funny the things that irritate me could be classed as trivial - that is, minor. The truth is, once I let them out you might view me as 'duh, why should those irritate you?' but they do anyway. It just goes to show that I'm a unique being *wink wink*.
Some months back I sat in a public bus on my way home, then I heard a guy, who sat behind me, make some sound with his mouth - teeth and tongue. The kind some people make when they are trying to remove a left over food or dirt from their teeth. The bad thing is, he didn't stop once, he made the sound till he alighted from the bus. Kai, I was pissed!

Still in the same bus, someone was listening to a sport commentary on his phone. He put the phone on speaker and on the highest volume, as if the rest of us were interested in the boring tale. I wonder how he forgot that earphones are made for moments such as those.... How I almost shouted at him. The odd thing was that he hissed at the comments he didn't agree with. *miffed*.
Yet another annoying character was that of a lady who was receiving a call in the same bus and was shouting at the top of her voice as if the person at the receiving end had some Tympanic membrane issues. I was very angry! I had just closed - feeling tired and stressed - and would have loved to ride home in quietness and peace; but I guess that would just not be. I kept my cool though, and pretended as if those things were not going on. This helped because before long, they didn't matter to me. I'd forgotten they were going on by the time I alighted from the bus.

Now this is a scenario of my typical work days. I close from work, seeking some quietness and an opportunity to meditate on my way home, but no - the opposite is what I get. Those are some of the things that put me off.

A big one is the issue of having to sleep around someone that snores. Hmmm. Big issue. A friend recently shared a principle with me that in case I marry someone that snores, rather than complain or nag - because they mostly don't change - I should learn how to snore too, that way we'll both be snoring, it won't be noise to me again, as I'd have gotten used to it.

Usually, I don't sleep a wink anytime I share a room with someone that snores; but one day I did. I was determined to sleep that day no matter how loud the noise. I told myself I won't listen to the noise. I didn't and was relieved the next day when I woke to realise that I slept soundly despite the snores.
Ok so, I have some of these things that irritate me - basically noise or noisy environment because I'm typically attracted to quietness. But now I can confidently say that I'm getting over them. I mean, I don't really count them as irritations as I used to. Mo ti n dagba (maturity is setting in - if you'd like. Lol). I have learnt to overlook some of these things, and guess what? I have peace!!! I now laugh at some of the things that were once irritation to me - though not all - but with time, I'll overcome all.
The point I'm making is, in relationships - marital, work, religious, etc - we deal with people, and since we do, they are bound to annoy us or do things that irritate us. Just as I get irritated by some people's habits; I'm sure some of my habits too irritate some people. It's vice-versa! Someone once told me she doesn't like how I pick on my food. I always look to see if I'll find some kind of dirt or something in my food. Once I find it, I'll bring it and talk and talk about it to the point that people eating beside me may get irritated. Oh, it's a bad habit I know, I know! That's not all, I have several others (I won't share it here); but I'll change (lol).

We all have some things we do that irritate others and things that irritate us in others. I'm getting over mine - gradually - with determination; and I'm letting go of those of mine too. Some marriages break up and some relationships are marred by these trivial irritations. If you don't believe, then watch KUWTK (Keeping Up with the Kardishians - a reality tv program) on E! (for those who have Dstv) every evening by 9pm. 
Maybe we could share some of those things that irritate us in others, and how we have dealt with it or how we are coping with it. Someone may find your experience handy. You may even want to share some of your habits you know can irritate or annoy people  - so that that prospective someone can watch out or so that you can get advice on how to tackle it.

I'm waiting....



  1. You are absolutely right because there is no perfect Man or Woman on earth.

  2. oooh hohohohohoooo...Bukola, very amusing, interesting & thought provoking...You did it again!

    it's really a good thing to see your true self through other people's!...what a creature you must be then!

    It only takes an effort to learn how to accommodate people who are distance from us. If we can do this, then we can live in peace, love & unity. Alfred Tennyson's Ulyses said at the close of his journey that..."I am a part of all that I have met". So we should not love just the near and the dear ones, but most of all people who are different and distant from us. I am myself many others, my ego is a field of relations, fight, struggle among request and many wishes. In this sense, the individual I meet is the other one that is already in me. Accepting whoever is out of me means to go through the eternity that is in myself...

    Thank you for sharing once again Bukky & I still love you the way you are.

  3. Interesting.....
    One thing that irritates me that I cannot work around, but I am trying is seeing someone spitting around me. I think it is just a dirty habit and lack of sensitivity to others around them. There are simple ways to overcome irritation or whatever makes them spit in public.
    The way I handle is I tell myself: they are ignorant if they know they deserve a slap (lol) for what they just did, they surely won’t do it.

    I also get irritated when I tell someone especially my friends something, and all you have to respond with is "ok". In my head 'ok' means, "shut-up", "I didn’t hear what you said so for peace, let me say something" or just away to get rid of me. I am sure most of my friends know that by now. Bukky if you have forgotten, I am just reminding you.
    How do I work around it? I ask if I have said too much, or the person is not just with me. Mostly I ask questions that will make the person talk more about what I have said.
    Honestly, it took grace of God and maturity for me to get to the stage of talking after I hear only “ok” or seeing someone spitting around me.

    I will respond to others later

  4. too much talk irritates me

  5. @Anonymous 4:59...sure
    @Adeola: Hmmmmmmmmmm
    @ True Friend: I'm used to all those and I've not forgotten
    @ Anonymous Hope you're getting to tolerate it, because people definitely talk around you o

  6. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who fake accents. They got here from naija 2 secs ago and for some reason are faking some whack NY/british accent.

  7. @ In the midst of her: Lol....I can imagine


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