Just Wondering

At times we wonder about things. We do a lot of 'what ifs'; 'whys'; 'hows'; 'which', et cetera.

Well, just like those times, as at the time of this writing, I was wondering what to write about. And I was wondering if I write on a certain topic, how many people will read it? Ok, let's leave that.

I'm just wondering what a guy sees in a lady that makes him think she's the one or vice versa.

How is it possible to live with the same person for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, if possible 60 or more years without getting bored with the person?

I'm wondering what it feels like to love someone and hate the person altogether (impossible, you think? Then ask Dina in the bible).

I'm wondering
if it is possible to love all your children equally.

I'm wondering if polygamists actually love all their wives equally and if not, what makes them love one than the other(s)?

I'm wondering if the wives of a polygamist actually really love him.

Why do people break people's heart?

Why are some ladies killing themselves over a guy and vice versa?

I'm wondering what go on in the heart of rapists that make them carry out such devious act.

I'm wondering why it's impossible for a lady to stick with a guy, but must have Aristo, boyfriend and the 'husband material'.

I'm just still wondering why a guy must have many girlfriends.

I'm wondering why today is 09.09.09. What's in a number? What's in a date, day? Are they not all conventions? (linguist in the house, note).

I'm actually wondering what God will be thinking right now about us - with all the atrocities, corruption, pollution, etc.............

Don't mind my thoughts, they may not go in the same direction, but these are some of them. I'm just wondering why I'm actually wondering.


Just felt like writing. Will definitely write on Relationships soon

Happy 09.09.09


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