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What To Do When The Sizzle Fizzles (1)

You have left your first love…Revelation 2:4 NKJV

Nobody plans it, it just seems to happen. Romance runs headlong into reality, something gives, and it is usually romance. At first it's just two love-birds with no higher earthly priority than each other's happiness. Then comes the patter of tiny feet, and our well-ordered world gets turned upside down. Children don't fit neatly into our schedules and agendas. They can't and won't wait. Three kids, two jobs, one mortgage later, and romance seems to be a distant memory. Two overworked people wonder where they lost that romantic feeling and whether it will ever return.

Some settle for marriage without the sizzle; some stay till the kids are older, then look for greener, more romantic pastures. But God offers a third, more exciting alternative: God's alternative - do what it takes to restore your 'first love.' (This Scripture was written to the church at Ephesus, but the principle also applies to building a good marriage). So:

1) Re-examine your perceptions. We think our current sizzle-free status is proof that romantic love is dead and the dream forever lost. That's because we confuse romance with love. Romance brings people together, but love keeps them together. People who love each other can make romance live again - at any age or stage.

2) Realise that the sizzle wasn't lost, it was 'left.' "You have left [behind] your first love." It didn't leave you. It didn't die. A new partner is not the solution.

3) Retrace your steps. You'll find romance where you left it: undernourished, crowded out, overlooked and seriously oxygen-deprived, but not dead. God created marriage. Talk to Him. Follow His instructions and your romance can live again.

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