What’s Love Got to do with it?

>> Obama’s Historic Inaugural Moments

President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle capped their historic day with a speedy tour through 10 inaugural balls before retiring, at last, for their first night in the White House.

The Etta James classic "At Last" was the Obamas' song of the evening, crooned by Beyonce at the Neighbourhood Ball, the first of 10 inaugural celebrations they attended into the early hours of Wednesday.

The president wore white tie, while Michelle shimmered in a white, one-shouldered, floor-length gown. It was embellished from top to bottom with white floral details and made by 26-year-old New York designer Jason Wu.

"First of all, how good looking is my wife?" Obama asked the crowd of celebrities and supporters.

The president pulled his wife close for a slow, dignified two-step to the song that marked the end of a long day of formal inaugural events and the two-year campaign that put them in the White House…

At most of the balls that followed, the Obamas spent little more than the length of the song greeting supporters and whirling for the crowd. But the two seemed to share intimate moments nonetheless, smiling and laughing as Michelle pulled her dress out of the way….

And the inauguration...

…I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through Michelle’s mind when her husband was taking the oath of office…My mum even said she was probably thinking of the day they met.

Hmmm. But Michelle’s look for her dear husband was much more than that of admiration. Her looks was full of LOVE. The man she loves has risen above protocols, rules, barriers, and so on. That man she said “Yes I do” to some 11 years ago has really made her proud.

The world is celebrating Obama today, but he’s not the only one being celebrated. The world is celebrating Michelle, their two daughters and the Obama family at large (Kenya).

What’s love got to do with it? Love is …Michelle standing by her husband through thick and thin; Love is …Michelle believing in the ‘foolishness and stupidity’ of Barack; Love is …Michelle sticking with him at those down times and at those time that his dreams seemed foolish. Love is …Michelle seeing what other ladies couldn’t. Love is …Michelle being the first lady of the most powerful nation in the world. Love is …behind every successful President Barack, there is a powerful and successful first lady Michelle.

Congrats Obama.

Congrats Africa.

God bless Africa!

News curled from Yahoo! news.


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