A Whale of a Marriage

Happy New Year! It’ll be our year of unspeakable joy by His grace.

I’ve not written in a long time. Been very very busy, especially during the festive season; but now I’m “semi” back now (if there ever is any word like that – LOL).

Today, I’m delving into a topic I seldom discuss. I was just thinking about Nigerian politicians and their usual corrupt practices (apologies to those who have them as relatives). Last night, as I was watching one of our local channels (news hour) and in the news, again is a report of a past Minister summoned to panel to answer a query of mismanaged funds during his administration but who refused to honour the invitation (probably ‘cause of shame or a feeling of being above the law – don’t know). That news, though not new, made me ask my mum to tell me if there was any past leader in Nigeria that was not involved in corrupt practices or if there was anyone of them that was not summoned to one panel or the other, or even given public disgrace through arrest or media report. Yet, these are the same people who are readily available for future political appointment. These are the same people that are made ambassadors, ministers, commissioners or even given national honours!

I’m not in the mood to condemn or criticise – I’m not in the position to do that (it’s for the highest judge) and it’s not even my style.

What I’m interested in are the relatives of these corrupt ones- their children, mothers, fathers, siblings, and most importantly, their wives or husbands. How would it feel like being married to a corrupt public figure? What’s the role of their spouses once they discover how corrupt their wives/husbands are? What’s their disposition to it? How does it feel like seeing your husband or wife being taken away in EFCC van or Black-Maria? Does ‘for better or worse’ work here?

Fine, in marriage, there is room for forgiveness, but how would you feel if he or she does not change but continue in the corrupt practices? We celebrate corruption now in Nigeria; Why? Because we celebrate corrupt people more than we do upright and honest ones. Majority of these corrupt people are married, but don’t have respect for their marriage, ‘cause if they do, they won’t be involved in corruption (except if their spouses are in support).

I once wrote an exam that had the following question: What will you do to put a stop to corruption in Nigeria? I’m asking you readers the same question. What do you think can be done? What should the spouses of the corrupt ones do to help eliminate corruption in their blood (because charity – change, miracle, etc – begins at home)? I need responses.

Have a January filled with ocean of joy! Kisses.


  1. Dear Bookie,

    A very welldone for the excellent and wonderful job you've been doing. I so much appreciate you and the crusade for better Nigeria you've been championing the cause, as well as mending relationships via your usual postings on your blog. Thanks a million, I value you.

    Now, concerning the question you asked as regards corrupt Nigerian politicians. The ans wer is simply "YES TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE CHANGES".

    I love politics and no need for me to hide it, I believe in new Nigeria, I believe in goivernment of the people, for the people and being run by the "Good" people.

    I recollect while I was in the Institute of Arabic & Islamic Education, we were made to understand in the teaching of the "Tira" as we fundly called it that "If the wise refused to rule, they will take order and be ruled by dullards". And in a simple sense, that is exactly what is happening in our dear country today.

    I remember in 1998, everybody was full of joy when the former head of state, Gen. Abdulsallam Abubakar started the transition to handover power to a duly democratic elected civillian. Not knowing that this is what will be the dividend of democracy that the likes of Prof. Wole Soyinka, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, Prof. Pat Utomi, Late Chief Ajibola Ige, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Femi Falana and host of thers clamoured for then. Some of them were even brutalised that they have to flew Nigeria for their dear life. The rest na story aunty.

    Now, I think I have few answers to that singular question you raised; What will you do to put a stop to corruption in Nigeria? What do you think can be done? What I think can be done in my own opinion is that:

    - Corruption will die if "GOOD" people decides to join politics and shun the popular saying of "politics is a dirty game". If not, we will continue to be ruled by the bad ones and the corrupt politicians. I salute the courage of the likes of Comrade Adams Oshiomole, Raji Fashola and few others.

    - Corruption will be a thing of the past if people stop to que in front of politicians house to collect money, rice and other useless materials; forgeting that " enu kii je dodo ko so ododo". People should not allow themselves to be used or bribed. let's there be a repeat of 1993 SDP/NRC election that produced Chief M.K.O. Abiola, where Nigerians were not allowed themselves to be bribed. Though, IBB annulled the said election.

    - Corruption will be buried if and only if people stop voting for political parties instead they should vote for individuals that have so far been tested and trusted, people of impeccable character, those that have contributed immensely in terms of; community development, education, health, agricultural sector, socio-economic aspects and to the nation at large. Rochas Okorocha is a very good example I have for now, though there are host of others.

    - Corruption will be no more if Nigerians can first put a stop to ethnic tribalism, religious affiliation and academic background before they can vote for anybody; I mean we should put an end to " eh omo wa ni" i.e " na our son" he is a yoruba or we went to the same school the likes of I can only vote for someone that we share the same religious believe". I credited this saying to Gen. Mohammadu Buhari that " Muslims should only votes for muslims" during one of his electioneering campaign in 2007, this is very bad. We should emulate the USA - the election that produced Barrack Obama is a good example and the just concluded election in Ghana that produced John Attah Mill as the president of Ghana. Also, what Nigerians demonstrated during 1993 election should come to stay. The Muslim/Muslim ticket of SDP was such a rare situation. Yet people came out en masse to voted for the candidate they wanted NOT the political party.

    - Lastly, the intellect are expected to join hand in this crusade of "Better and New Nigeria", they should not allow the corrupt politicians to rule us again. I know that there are very many out there that know what is right, but they only need encouragement and support.

    Imagine what Lagosians will withness soonest, compare to what we've been witnessing in the past. Assuming people of Fashola's like mind have been rulling Lagos before, by now Lagos would have been like Dubai or Saudi Arabia. remember what you told me after your last visit to Dubai.

    I must tell you this, some of the members of the National Assembly (NASS) doesn't know why they were in that "Hallow chamber" or how do they call it. Now tell me the kind of law those people will propound for me and you to obey? My dear it's high time people of like minds that are "READY TO SERVE" join politics and we should vote into mantle of leadership. It is then we can enjoy the dividend of democracy.

    Remember our discussiion sometimes in september or october 2008, when we see I will tell you that one, it's an in-house affairs.

    Let's put a stop to all these corrupt practises in our dear country "NIGERIA", I believe together we can change this country.

    God bless you!
    God bless Nigeria!!
    All green!!!

    Stay lifted and be blessed!
    I remain
    Yours truly,
    Lukman Adebayo Atunwa
    Mobile: +2348053301188.
    Alt.e-mail: lukman@dorinig.net

  2. Hey, this is real epistle. But I must say thank you for your contribution. I never knew you love politics this much...

    Anyway, like you've said..."Together, we can make the changes". I appreciate your passion for Nigeria. Keep it up, pls. Maybe some day, Nigeria will produce passionate souls like you to rule her.

    But then, you didn't really talk about the marriage aspect - politician. Anyhow, thanks a lot.

    God bless you my dear friend and God bless Nigeria.

  3. Thanks you ma.

    The aspect of the marriage is very simple;

    - Love of money is the bane of all evils I must tell you. What do you expect of a young lady or a young man that so much believe in the saying of " It is sinful for me if I no get money". With that they will do every possible things to find such. Hence, they go about finding succour in all these so called big men. And for you to be a "big man" you know what it entails.

    I discover that those that believe in clean records will only have just 2 or 3 cars to themselves, if they even have up to that. But the corrupt ones have syphoned the money that should cater for roads, health, telecommunications, Power(PHCN)etc, which would be of high benefit to us all and they used it to acquire wealth. And those people are what young ladies of today run after, cos they don't want to endure, they don't want to build home with a true lover of theirs. Situation whereby a lady that suppose to be your assistant expect that you should do all thing possible to ensure that she is treated like a queen, she wanted to wear the most expensive cloth, jewelries and many other.
    And on the guys part, they want short cut and in the light of that they go extra miles; sugar mummies and all sort of.

    So whenever the hands of the law catch up with such people, what they is just to pack what they believe they can lay their hands on and take to their heels. Leaving the corrupt people in question to their fate. Hence, "For better for worse" rule is thereby break.Do you think a woman will follow them to cell or EFCC net, never.

    In my own opinion, money should not be the basis for marriage.
    Marriage should be formed on the platform of LOVE and TRUST. It should come NATURALLY. We need serious prayer my dear.

    I rest my case.
    May God deliver the married ones among us and be our guides (SINGLES)while chosing our life partner.

    God bless you!
    God bless the married!!
    God bless the singles!!!
    God bless Nigeria!!!!
    All green!!!!!

    Stay lifted and be blessed!
    I remain
    Yours truly,
    Lukman Adebayo Atunwa
    Mobile: +2348053301188.
    Alt.e-mail: lukman@dorinig.ne


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