The Truth about Marriage

This is an interesting piece and I thought I should share with y’all. I love marriage. Most of us do – and even yearn for it. But it’s beyond romance, looks, or what’s in the pocket. Marriage is for matured minds, not jerks, who wake up one morning, find a beautiful lady on the main road with hot legs and they thought, oh! That’s my wife or a lady who just come across a guy with a nice Camry and working with Zain and she feels, hmmm, this is God sent.

Now, isn’t marriage a delicate thing? You’d ask. No. It takes God! It takes direction and wisdom from him. It takes maturity –in person and in God. So that when he starts dumping his shirts on the settee in the sitting room, or when he doesn’t appreciate you cooking or when he compares you with his friend’s wife constantly or when snores or when he shouts at you on a little mistake…You’ll go down on your knees and ask Him who can take hold of his ‘bad attitude’ to do so. You’d forgive no matter what.

And when she starts nagging or too dirty or when she shows some pride or when she argues or when she doesn’t take her responsibility seriously or when she doesn’t even care for you…You’d see her through the eyes of love. You won’t condemn her, but you’d love her more and correct her in love and also remember that she’s part of you (she’s your neck and you’re the head.

Let’s read on.


Before You Take The Plunge

Marriage isn't for everyone.
Matthew 19:11 TM

A third-grade teacher received this hilarious essay on Ben Franklin: "Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, but he didn't like it there so he travelled to Philadelphia. When he got off the boat he walked up the street and bought a loaf of bread. Then he met a lady, and discovered electricity!" We smile, but as one marriage counsellor observes, "Society has made romance the basis for marriage. Now there's nothing wrong with romance; it's a potent force in driving people into matrimony. But it's become the primary factor. Romance is highly conditional on physical appearance. Romantic love excites and entices, which means there's often shallowness about romantic relationships. Because emotions are so overpowering people don't realise what they're getting into till it's too late. One morning you look across the bed and she's not awake yet. Her mouth's open and her hair's hanging over her face. Or worse, she wakes first, looks across the bed, and in your case there's no hair hanging down! That's when romance takes a nose dive!"

A marriage is what you create after the wedding. It doesn't just happen. You have to build it with courtesy, patience, support, and a "love marked by giving, not getting" (Ephesians 5:21-28 TM).

That's why Jesus said, "Not everyone is mature enough to live a married life. It requires a certain aptitude and grace. Marriage isn't for everyone… if you're capable of growing into the largeness of marriage, do it." On the other hand, a husband and wife who put Christ at the centre of their relationship can grow it into something that makes society's definition of romance look lightweight by comparison.


  1. well to what you said about marriage it is the overlook of ones mistake and ready to accept and suggest corrections, marriage is long life thing which when hooked to there is no going back thats the reason we should look well before we choose abd ask for God direction. really to be sincere with this article i will say this is the right place for youth having the intention to get married someday to learn about what the bible is also saying about love and marriage. bukky as you keep enlighting people about this i pray to God to grant you too the bone of your bone in Jesus Name

  2. Amen...Thanks a lot. Whoever you are, God bless you real good.


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