Sexists: What Do We Do About Them?

A couple of weeks ago one of my friends sent me (and a few others) a mail on how reckless women can be when they drive. The title of the mail is 'Stunts only a woman can do'. The mail, to me, was just hilarious, seeing that we women (or female gender) are such a wonderful beings - in the sense that we could be extremists in whatever we do. In short, we are just wonderfully made, I must say, especially when we take charge.

Ok. Then came the responses to the mail. The one that really brought controversy was from a very dear friend - Biodun - whom I'd never believe he could have that kind of ideology. He wrote and I quote: "
we will love them more in the kitchen" . Hmm. Can you imagine? Biodun only saw us as a kitchen material. But trust us. We attacked him back. See some of our responses below.

Ajayi Bukola:
Hello...I hope you're not one of those who see women as a mere kitchen material!!!

Please, change that mentality of yours...Women are humans, we have the right to do other things aside being in the KITCHEN...please, please, please"

Sani Bimbo: "

Samuel’s ideology about women really has to be worked on.

He is a typical African man and the only reason he wouldn’t marry more than one wife is because he is a Christian".

And then, Biodun finally wrote: "na waaaoooo, this na planned attack from women......just try it we are going to declare state of emergency for you women. HA Ha Ha". And it ended there

The peak of the matter was when another mail was forwarded from the same source on how to spoil a woman...This mail had in it all kinds of latest shoes for ladies. I found the mail lovely, cause it's a kind of window shopping in a sense. Even if you can't get the exact shoes here in Nigeria, you'll have an idea of what you want to buy if you go shoe shopping.

Biodun came back again with his attack on women, saying we're actually supposed to be in the kitchen, that we don't need any pampering.

This again resulted to bantering, as the females would not agree with Biodun's opinion of them. After a while, it took the intervention of the sender (of the mail) to put a stop to all the arguments and all...

Although, I know Biodun very well and also, that he was only pulling our legs with all his sexist acts -
a belief or attitude that one gender or sex is inferior to or less valuable than the other.

But the fact still remains that SEXISTs exist. The act is called male or female chauvinism.

I'm not a sexist neither am I a feminist. But, should one gender be seen or regarded as inferior? Why do some men believe that the place of a woman is in the kitchen?

I once had a similar situation, when I was applying for admission into the University and I went to one of my uncle's friends for help. He told me there and then to go to the polythecnic (I'm not saying Poly is bad, but read on), get an OND, settle down and start having children. He told me I don't need a HND not to talk of a degree, that everything would definitely end in the kitchen and that it would be a waste of money and time if I studied further. How horrible?!!!

People, what do you see about sexist, what should we do about them? Are they right or wrong? I need comments, answers.

Females are usually affected, especially in Africa. Is the female gender inferior? Do they have a say in any matter?


  1. As for me, the feminine gender is human being also. They should be given equal and fair treatment. While growing up, we were made to understand that “Training a male child is like training a single person. But training a female child is like training a whole world” Because the female will child will produce and the trend will continue……….

    I think Biodun and other guys with the same opinion should change there ideology toward ladies.

    In other way round, the feminine gender (weaker sex) as my friends do call them have their excesses too. Whenever they are on wheel, they believe any single move by anybody is to ride outsmart them. Hence, they hardly give regards to men, forgetting that they are been created from "Man". Thanks, stay lifted and be blessed. 'Bayo


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