IMOLE YIO TAN (The Light Will Shine)

That Light Will Shine (again)!

I remember asking certain rhetorical questions when there were no suitors coming; I'd ask myself:

'What it would feel like to get married'
'What my wedding day would look like'
'What it would feel like to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy'
(I remember, I once asked myself) 'if I would even ever be married or be pregnant or experience what it feels like to breastfeed a child'

You see, all those questions were answered, even though I asked them within myself, with no one but God to provide the answers. As a matter of fact, they were answered physically, publicly (not privately)!

I woke up this morning asking myself yet again certain questions, and God chose the time to remind me of the questions above and the time I asked them. He reminded me of how I thought I was just asking myself rhetorical questions,  when indeed there would be answers and there would be someone to answer them (HIM)! 

Then suddenly,  while still meditating this morning, I heard it subtly in Yoruba: "Imole Yo Tan", meaning 'The Light will Shine'! Hallelujah! I just knew I got my answers already! 

Friends, a state of "what ifs" is a state of total darkness. It's a state of confusion or a state of uncertainty or being unsure....unsure of what it would be like tomorrow, in future; unsure of what life holds; unsure of what path or direction to take. But guess what, THE LIGHT WILL SHINE!  The solution will come! The answer will will be given publicly, for good, for joy! The light will shine and YOU WILL SEE CLEARLY,  the direction to take and the path to tow.

Yio dara (it will be well)! Imole yio tan (that light, your light will shine - Isaiah 60:1)!

Ask those questions,  you are allowed; you are human!  He will shine His light through and through them until the answers show forth!

(NKJV)Job 33:28, 30
He will redeem his soul from going down to the Pit, And his life shall see the light. [30] To bring back his soul from the Pit, That he may be enlightened with the light of life.

Psalm 18:28
Lord, You light my lamp;
my God illuminates my darkness.

Good Monday morning!


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