Love, Family, Culture: Lauding 'Yoruba Lakotun'

I recently did a post on 'The Bilingual Child and Grammar' (see here), because I noticed grammar is gradually loosing it's grip as a result of bilingualism. So I was glad when my friend, Olutayo Irantiola, invited my family and some of our friends, to his quarterly cultural showpiece 'Yoruba Lakotun' at Ethnic Heritage Centre in Ikoyi, in September.

It was a family outing for us in a way - my family saw it as an opportunity to unwind. But in another way, it was a means of embracing our 'slipping' culture again. And even better, we thought our child could start getting familiar with his culture (at an early age).

We, as well as other guests, didn't regret honouring the invitation.  The programme was colourful and rich - there was the 'ewi' (chant) session, interview of a Yoruba scholar and writer, dance, entertainment, refreshment and more. It was so beautiful, and all for FREE. See video here.

Another one of such programme is here again. Come December 6th, 2015, by 4pm at the same venue, Irantiola is set to host us. I want to use this medium to invite lovers of art and culture to make it a date. I'm sure you'd want to go again.

I really commend Irantiola for such a novelty idea. In a society where all we are concerned about is how to make money or look good, it is such a relief that someone is doing something out of the norm. His effort in ensuring that the Yoruba language and culture is preserved and nutured is remarkable. It will be a delight to see other language speakers follow suit. Thank you Olutayo.

The venue, Ethnic Heritage Center, located at 35A, Raymond Njoku Street, off Awolowo road, Ikoyi, Lagos - Nigeria, is a non-profit ethnic heritage archives, museum, and research centre, where first rate language tutoring services are offered for both young and adults. Languages offered include Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and French. A visit to the centre won't be a bad idea.


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