Marriage Proposal: Just How Creative Can You Be?

Love is such a beautiful thing! Yeah we know that. But it is hot when the people involved act ‘crazy’; do the unusual; go extra miles to prove their love.

Ok so, you, a guy, have found the girl that makes your world spin. And then you go:
‘I’d love her to be the mother of my kids’;
‘I’d love to spend forever with her’;
‘She means the world to me’;
‘She’s my heartbeat’;
‘I just can’t imagine life without her’;
‘Teminikan’; ‘oloomi’; ‘sweetie mi’; ‘ewa mi’; ‘ife mi’; ‘onyekemu-o’...blah blah blah...

And you’re like, I’ll propose to her on her birthday; in front her family members or yours; I’ll take her to this cosy restaurant, liaise with the chef and ask her to bake this beautiful cake with an engagement ring inserted in the cake; I’ll take her on a boat cruise and ask her to marry me otherwise I’ll push her into the ocean (lol...please don’t try that guys); and so we can go on and on and on. But just how creative are you when it comes to Marriage Proposal?

A Big Deal? Yes
Well, some might argue that this shouldn’t be a big deal as it isn’t marriage itself. Well, it can be a big deal in a way. It’d be fun to do something crazy; just a lil out of place. It’s always beautiful! It adds spice to a relationship; and after you’ve been married for years, you can both look back and laugh at your nerdy marriage proposal. 

Just who says that romance should be boring? They surely have not met Jeff Gurwin, the head over heels in love fellow who orchestrated a graffiti mural proposal on the streets of New York City. Can you feel the love? Please view the video here: World's Most Creative Marriage Proposal ...and ‘get creative’ guyzzz.


  1. Do people in Nigeria have weddings?, do they get married?, do they love each other and have wonderful experiences? If so, why are you not writing about them? You are from Nigeria. I want to find out how love is in Nigeria, not Europe or America to which I am already accustomed. Please put some Nigerians up on your site and expose your own culture. That's what i want to learn about, the good things of Nigerian culture of which i know there are many. Take your own pictures and publish it on your site. I just know that you have gone to weddings in Nigeria before. You are old enough!

    Love you very much my dear, do not be offended.

    Zumbi of Palmares

  2. Thank you Shepsu Neteru for the points raised. And they're noted. Sure will do something about it...However, this blog may not feature weddings - as that's not it's main aim. And it may not feature my pictures (that's not the aim either).

    One of it's aims is to address relationship itches, and to an extent I've done that and will still do more. As per featuring how love is in Europe or America, I do so because we are not accustomed to their style in Nigeria and I want the readers of this blog to learn how it's done outside the shores of Nigeria. But then, because of foreign readers like you; I'll definitely spice it up with some Nigerian contents.

    Once again, many thanks for your observation and the points raised. I appreciate your stopping by...


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