Till Looks Do Us Part

I am sure some of us have seen this picture. It was, at a time, circulated on the internet - blogs, social networks, even as DP on BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). I recently got it off a friend on BB and used it as my DP - display picture (that explains its fuzziness); and bang did it generate lots of comments! I received loads of 'pings' (BBM chat buzzes), with different views on the picture. It was actually supposed to be fun - for laughs actually - but a lot of my contacts saw a big deal in it. They took it so serious like it was a real union, whereas, I think it's just a photoshop or photo magic, if you will.

Many of my contacts had a lot to say. Some rejected the union out-rightly; some said it was jazz - diabolical; some concluded it wasn't possible; a doctor friend even went as far as looking at the odds of the union from the genetics point of view - he argued that the children that will come forth from the union will suffer the consequence, especially if the guy's gene is stronger than the lady's. Another friend had this to say: Love is blind... And I was like, ok, it's possible the lady's eyes are blind to the guy's looks, since beauty is also in the eye of the beholder.

But really, what do people look out for when it comes to choosing a life partner? I know looks or outward appearance is of importance to a lot of people. Who is beautiful/handsome and who is not? What's the definition of good looks? If the looks fade out, what then? 

A story was told of a lady who got married - with all parts intact. The face could be described as radiant; the figure, excellent; everything, wonderful. Fast forward to 3 years into the marriage, she had a fatal accident that turned her face into something horrible, and the figure disfigured, but guess what, the hubby never left her side for a second! The love grew and is still growing. Why? This love isn't based on looks!

So, should being beautiful or handsome be a constant-k when choosing a life partner? If the looks fade-away, will you still remain loving as ever to your spouse? I am sure a lot of people will answer in affirmative, but then, it's better said than done. We do not pray for evil occurrence, but just in case, just so in case, just in case, remember: Marriage is for better or worse.

This issue applies to all areas - finances, health, and so on. If any of them ceases, love shouldn't cease!


  1. Hunmmmmm...Great Stuff...I love it...I tell you what?...I'd put my view this way as I have it in my blog:

    Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of not caring for the other person. It dies of seeking for the things that last no time. It dies of lusting for materialism and of the physical beauty. Love dies because of the crude neglect of the inner beauty... If love dies today, we killed it because we don’t really care for the inside glamour...We only look at the outside or physical splendour...!

    Thanks for sharing this...and thanks 4 ur nice commemts on my blog...Bless up Sister!


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